American Horror Story Goes Back To Murder House

We’ve finally come full circle.


That’s right, season eight episode six of American Horror Story takes us back to where it all began – Murder House.


Ryan Murphy is pulling out all the stops, bringing back show favorites to help put an exclamation mark on Season 8, Apocalypse. The “Doorway to Hell” never looked more inviting.


With a long list of appearances from returning characters in its 8th season, the most highly anticipated character is none other than Jessica Lange.


It is commonly known that American Horror Story has been centered around strong female leads and Lange was the leader in seasons two, three, and four, and won two Emmys playing Fiona Goode and Elsa Mars respectively.


Lange will make her supposedly final reappearance in season eight for the upcoming episode revisiting Murder House and reprising her role as Constance Langdon, the grandmother of the Antichrist, Michael Langdon, who has played the major bad guy throughout Apocalypse.   


And now, we’ll finally know his backstory.


Return to Murder House is predicted to bridge the gap between two of the highest rated seasons – Coven (S3) and Murder House (S1). So expect big ratings right out of the gate.


An aspect that has kept American Horror Story so fresh throughout its 8 seasons is that not only does each season tell a different ‘story’ (not continuous to the previous season), its main actors and actresses play leading roles as completely different characters altogether in each season with the exception of cross-overs.


To put it into perspective, Sarah Paulson has played a different character in each season and has played up to three different characters in one season, which was shown in Roanoke (S6).

We’re thinking Apocalypse will beat the record.


American Horror Story’s Many Faces

There is no doubt that American Horror Story – the show – has launched many illustrious careers since its debut back in 2011.  A few to mention who you may be familiar with are:


Sarah Paulson, who played a role in Oceans 8 as one of the main ladies, but has been one of the few actresses to be in every season of American Horror Story.


Evan Peters, who played Quicksilver in Foxes’ X-Men Days of Future Past


Lady Gaga, who also won a Golden Globe on the show for her role in Hotel (S5) and went on to a leading role in the Oscar-worthy Box Office hit, A Star Is Born.


Other notable appearances include:


Emma Roberts, who came with her own fame as the niece of Julia Roberts, but fans fell in love with her character Madison Montgomery (S3).


Kathy Bates, who has played every role imaginable since her debut in Coven in season three.  She attributed her acting career comeback to American Horror Story according to an interview with Vanity Fair.


Connie Britton, who played the original leading lady to kick off the show in Murder House. Having only been with the show for one season, she landed a leading role opposite to Hayden Panettiere in smash-hit. Nashville.


Adina Porter, who holds/held pivotal roles in The 100 and True Blood.  Porter made an appearance in Murder House as Sally Freeman and then had a more prominent role in American Horror Story: Roanoke (S6).


The list of celebs goes on and Ryan Murphy, the creator of the show, left no stone unturned in the upcoming latest episode.  


Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, this episode is sure to break the internet with a long list of star appearances. 

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Demi’s Heart-Wrenching Song Silently Released

The recovery anthem that silently dropped yesterday is quickly making waves as Demi Lovato revealed her new single, ‘Sober’.

June 21 was the rebirth for Lovato as she publicly admitted breaking her sobriety after six long years, according to CNN.

The song ‘Sober’ tells her story.

The song’s vulnerability is put on display as it starts off acoustically with only a piano. The following synthesis build of background vocals is a haunting rendition of a song you wouldn’t typically hear in a Billboard Top 40.

However, Lovato’s heartfelt lyrics of her experience bring listeners back to Demi Lovato’s younger days when she used to sing power ballads that would make you feel the message.

Wake me when the shakes are gone
And the cold sweats disappear
Call me when it’s over
And myself has reappeared


There have already been reaction videos to the recently released Lyric video that show tears flowing.

One YouTuber, Dante D’Angelo pours his heart out.


Even celebrities, such as Iggy Azalea, have come forth to show support for the ‘relapse anthem.’

The feels of the song and the cinematography display the true emotion of what it’s like when one is recovering from a relapse and hitting rock bottom.

“To the ones who never left me, we’ve been down the road before. I’m so sorry. I’m not sober anymore.”

The single comes out from the shadows, with Lovato saying in an interview with CBS News, “expect new music.” However, not much else was released to the public until the song’s actual reveal on iTunes.

As expected, the song shot straight to number one on the iTunes charts and is predicted to hit number one on the Billboard Music charts for Digital downloads and snag the #1 spot for the Billboard Top 100.

It was predicted by the team at Metahuman’s Entertainment that the song of the summer would be Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) by Maroon 5, but it looks like we may be having a more mellow summer music lead. Only time will tell.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? For us, the song shows the imperfection of how raw Lovato’s vocals are and how willing she is to show she is only human.

The phrasing with “I don’t know why” and “I try and I try and I try” help listeners know the emphasis of how difficult it may be for the someone going through the same issues.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts and enjoy the lyrics video below!

Are you Ready…Player One?

The phrase “they just don’t make movies like they used to”, is what I would say to any other movie coming out in 2018 but Ready Player One, a book to movie adaptation by Ernest Cline, helped to make us feel like a kid again – virtually in an instant.

Before we begin, please note that spoiler warnings are in effect.

Stephen Spielberg really outdid himself at every turn in the making of Ready Player One.

To the 2045 setting in Columbus, Ohio, to the elaborate recreation of The Shining, Ready Player One satisfies viewers on almost every level.

There’s a love story, pop-culture references and a huge battle with your favorite characters! Everything comes together in a nice pretty package wrapped in a bow.

The Ready Player One Story

The movie is narrated from the perspective of Wade Owen Watts, a young teen who lives with his aunt and a deadbeat guy in Columbus, Ohio. Wade, a Halliday fanatic and frequent visitor to the Oasis (a virtual reality world where you can be and do anything your heart desires), has his setup located outside of their apartment on the bottom floor of building trailers of the future.

Ready Player One buildings

The portrayal of character growth goes fairly quick where the Oasis created by two friends James Donovan Halliday a.k.a. Anorak and Ogden “Og” Morrow sets the stage for the entire movie.

It is explained that Halliday is dead but before he bites the big one, he programs into the Oasis, Easter eggs (secret discoveries within a game that you find by just wandering around a game’s map) that any user in the Oasis can find. The locator of all Easter eggs or the 3 keys – The Cooper Key, Jade Key and Crystal key – will gain ownership of the Oasis and change the Oasis however they like. They also receive entire ownership of his real-world gaming company.

Once in the Oasis, you’re transported to a surreal place where anything is possible. Minecraft worlds, planet-sized casinos, planet Doom, nightclubs – you name it, it’s there.  From the beginning, they quickly introduce the other characters who are Wade’s friends in the game. The underlining message while in the Oasis is you may never know who you’re “friends” with since you have no idea who they are in real life.

After introductions, they talk about the first trial for the first key which is a race.  The winner of the race receives the copper key and a clue. Here we see the love love interest of Wade Watts or Parzival, his in-game name, Art3mis.

During the first challenge, they both prove to be very skilled at gaming and are quite knowledgeable of Halliday’s history. Of course, knowing about Halliday is what is the true key to figuring out the riddles to each Easter eggs and solving a lot of the mystery behind the keys.  This is because not everything is as straightforward as one would think.

Supposedly, according to the movie it was 5 years for a random user to find a clue and open the portal to the first challenge. So my only gripe is they find the 3 keys pretty fast after finding the first. However, it’s movie set in 2045, so we’ll forgive it for being slightly unrealistic.

The main villain is Nolan Sorrento who is head of operations at Innovative Online Industries (IOI). He is sneaky, manipulative and does whatever it takes to get the job done. IOI is explained to be a big conglomerate organization that sends people into the Oasis to try and win Halliday’s Easter egg challenges.

Throughout the movie, highlights include meeting the main cast outside of the Oasis and imminent dangers of knowing the true identity outside of the Oasis puts you in harms way.  You can die in the Oasis but all that happens is it resets your stats such as level, gold, items and artifacts.

Prior to the final challenge a big war between good and bad incorporated with a few familiar video game characters and brands. Essentially, we could create a long list of references that would put a smile on your face.

In the end, our heroes prevail both in the Oasis and the real world. The hero gets the girl and wins the ultimate game by finding all 3 keys, beating the challenge and owning the Oasis with Ogden “Og” Morrow being an adviser (he’s still alive…poor Halliday).


Although this is a brief review of the movie, a writer can go into so many directions when breaking the movie down. The multitude of various Easter eggs, the book to movie differences (and there quite a few) to the symbolism of the characters. Sky’s the limit!

To be fair, I did not read the book. However, there are articles galore that talk about the major differences between the book and movie. Supposedly, there are 15 or so. For those who read the book, do you know them all?

If you’re looking for that feel good, superhero growth as he struggles through various obstacles type of movie with a splash of 80’s nostalgia and video game flair, Ready Player One is the movie for you.

‘Touch By an Angel’, Della Reese dies at 86

The world of television lost a beautiful soul today, Della Reese, who was popular for her role as Tess in the TV series Touch By an Angel.  Surrounded by family and friends she was 86 upon her passing in her California home.

People was first to report the tragic news.

Her co-star Roma Downey, who played by Monica in the show confirmed the news with a statement,

“On behalf of her husband, Franklin Lett, and all her friends and family, I share with you the news that our beloved Della Reese has passed away peacefully at her California home last evening surrounded by love,” the statement reads. “She was an incredible Wife, Mother, Grandmother, friend and Pastor, as well as an award-winning actress and singer. Through her life and work she touched and inspired the lives of millions of people. She was a mother to me and I had the privilege of working with her side by side for so many years on Touched By An Angel. I know heaven has a brand new angel this day. Della Reese will be forever in our hearts. Rest In Peace, sweet angel. We love you.”

Executive Producer of the hit show took to Twitter and tweeted

As a fan of the show, I used to watch it every Sunday with my family. I even recorded the show on VHS, so I may dig them up again to reminisce. They’re probably in my garage somewhere.

It is so sad and tragic to see such a talent leave the world.   May you rest in peace “Tess”.

Recapping the American Music Awards 2017

If you’re looking to get straight to the drama without the extra fluff, we talk about the 2017 American Music Awards here on your Instant Noodle update.

Be warned spoiler alerts are in effect as we talk about the best performances and the winners of the night.

A few highlights from the show include Selena Gomez allegedly lip-syncing her performance of “Wolves.”  This comes from months of being out of commission since her kidney transplant which from our perspective, WHO CARES!?  It’s Selena Gomez.

Amazed that they had a K-POP boy band perform at the American Music Awards.  I saw a few fans get pretty excited by this. Like this dude!

Access Hollywood even had Shawn Mendes talk about Taylor Swift’s reputation album which I thought was pretty slick.  That would be a personal preference if I were to interview Shawn Mendes.

Performances for the American Music Awards 2017 included Christina Aguilera, Alessia Cara, Alesso, BTS, Kelly Clarkson, Florida Georgia Line, Selena Gomez, Niall Horan, Imagine Dragons, Nick Jonas, Khalid, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Shawn Mendes, P!nk, Portugal. The Man, Diana Ross, Hailee Steinfeld, watt and Zedd.   

A complete list can be found here.

Now the moment everyone really cares about, the nominees and winners.


The Chainsmokers


Kendrick Lamar

Bruno Mars — WINNER

Ed Sheeran


James Arthur

Niall Horan — WINNER

Julia Michaels

Post Malone

Rae Sremmurd


The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey, “Closer”

Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber, “Despacito” — WINNER

DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne, “I’m The One”

Maroon 5 feat. Kendrick Lamar, “Don’t Wanna Know”

The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk, “Starboy”


Garth Brooks

Coldplay — WINNER



Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee, “Despacito”

Bruno Mars, “That’s What I Like” — WINNER

Ed Sheeran, “Shape of You”



Bruno Mars — WINNER

Ed Sheeran


Alessia Cara

Lady Gaga — WINNER



The Chainsmokers


Imagine Dragons — WINNER


Drake, More Life

Bruno Mars, 24K Magic — WINNER

The Weeknd, Starboy


The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey, “Closer”

Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber, “Despacito” — WINNER

Ed Sheeran, “Shape of You”


Sam Hunt

Thomas Rhett

Keith Urban — WINNER


Miranda Lambert

Maren Morris

Carrie Underwood — WINNER


Florida Georgia Line

Little Big Town — WINNER

Old Dominion


Jason Aldean, They Don’t Know

Chris Stapleton, From a Room:, Vol. 1

Keith Urban, Ripcord — WINNER


Sam Hunt, “Body Like a Back Road”

Jon Pardi, “Dirt on My Boots”

Keith Urban, “Blue Ain’t Your Color” — WINNER


Drake — WINNER

Kendrick Lamar



Drake, More Life

Kendrick Lamar, DAMN. — WINNER

Migos, Culture


DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne, “I’m The One” — WINNER

Kendrick Lamar, “Humble.”

Rae Sremmurd feat. Gucci Mane, “Black Beatles”


Childish Gambino

Bruno Mars — WINNER

The Weeknd


Beyonce — WINNER




Childish Gambino, Awaken My Love!

Bruno Mars, 24K Magic — WINNER

The Weeknd, Starboy


Khalid, “Location”

Bruno Mars, “That’s What I Like” — WINNER

The Weeknd, “Starboy”


Imagine Dragons

Linkin Park — WINNER

Twenty One Pilots


Bruno Mars

Shawn Mendes — WINNER

Ed Sheeran


Luis Fonsi

Daddy Yankee

Shakira — WINNER


Lauren Daigle — WINNER


Chris Tomlin


The Chainsmokers — WINNER

Calvin Harris

DJ Snake


Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2: Awesome Mix Vol. 2

Moana — WINNER


The list comes from and watching the Award show. The complete list can be found on

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Review: Song-by-Song

Talk about a Metahuman undertaking! After months of secrecy, Reputation, Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album, has finally landed and we have a lot to say. 

Shall I go song-by-song?

Funny enough, I’ve heard a taste of this type of music before by Taylor which may have been a foreshadowing of what Taylor Swift fans could expect with Reputation’s release.  

The moment began when she paired with former One Direction singer Zayn and did a soundtrack duet of, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever for the movie 50 Shades Darker.

Surprisingly, this was Swift’s first attempt at breaking into the Hip Hop genre, as we find out in later interviews.  

After hours of listening to Reputation, I composed a breakdown of each single on the album and personal thoughts on how I felt while listening to each song.  

If you’re looking for a little social proof on why it should be appropriate that I review this already pre-sold 400,000 unit album and 700,000 albums sold on its first day, note that I have been a Taylor Swift fan since her humble country beginnings and enjoyed seeing her evolve as an artist.  

With that, I’ve also put out the predictions on her 1++ million first week album sales for Speak Now, Red and 1989

So, here we go!

…Ready for It? – The 2nd single release of Reputation prior to the album drop date, this song has a heavy backbeat. Once hearing it, the reverb catches you off guard.  I have to admit my first listen, I was not absolutely in love with the song.  I listened to the song a few times and then once the video came out.  BOOM! I was hooked.

It didn’t explain much but as with this album, there have been videos with a lot of Taylor personal life symbolism.

 …Ready for its music video does not shy away from the personal references that other bloggers love to interpret and point out.

Overall, Taylor’s vocals here are solid and will definitely be in the top 10 of the Billboard HOT 100 charts, if it hasn’t hit there already from its initial single release.  


End Game ft. Ed Sheeran & Future

If there were any questions that Taylor was going to have a straight up Hip Hop sound on this album then this song puts those questions to rest. On top of that, she features…, of all people, Future, which makes this center-of-attention song undeniably Hip-Hop.  

As with most of Taylor’s sixth album follow up, the lyrics are simple, very rhymey in this heavy bass lyrical composure of a person wanting to be the love interest’s one and only. The heavy beat and Taylor’s rapping feels off for me (as with a lot of the songs on the album) but she definitely makes it work (or covers it up with heavy production…you be the judge) to compose another potential #1.

Oh yea…and then there’s Ed Sheeran. Why? I’m not sure.  He doesn’t add anything to the song and although both are lyrical geniuses, it doesn’t shine through in the collaboration.  The title of the song with featured artists got my hopes up, but even listening to the song multiple times, for me personally it’s forgettable.


I Did Something Bad

The only glaring point of this song is that Taylor actually swears!  Is that too immature? She says the s-word. It has a slamming beat and portrays Taylor as the person doing “something bad” to her love interest in the song.

The song continues with her saying she did something bad and it was the most fun she had and that it feels so good. Again, not my favorite song but it is a song you can get into after a few listens. Symbolism-wise my feelings are that she more than likely was accused of “something bad” but in reality, it was only that, being accused.


Don’t Blame Me

It sounds like a “Take Me To Church” adaptation. It has that heavy reverb feel.  The lyrics talk about a person so in love that it makes them crazy and that the love is so strong it’s like doing an actual drug.

My drug is my baby” talks about how the love drives her to be crazy and if it doesn’t FEEL it’s like a drug then they’re definitely doing it WRONG. LOL

The song was…listenable. 5 out of 10. I know I may be a little harsh and I’m hoping my feelings will change in the months to come like it has with her earlier releases.



The song Delicate grows on you. For me, it is not the typical catchy song with Taylor’s continually used electronic voice (maybe she got that from Calvin Harris).  This is obviously an autobiographical song by Taylor as the situation seems extremely specific and descriptive.  This is a safe 3rd favorite for me outside of the already released singles before Reputation’s drop date.

If you were to take the song out of context, it is about a relationship where you’re not sure how far you should go. Lyrics such as, “Is it cool that I said all that? Is it too soon?…because it’s delicate.”  

We’ve all been there. Think of a friend you like and find attractive – we know you’ve thought about it.  Too Delicate?  I agree.


Look What You Made Me Do

The very first song release from the Reputation album. More than likely this song has been played to death, so much so that it doesn’t really matter what I say.  

However, I will tell you my thoughts on day 1…

Hated it…

Saw the lyric video…Hated it…

Saw the regular video…Loved it…

Listened to it on repeat 100 times since it was the only new material from Taylor Swift since her 1989 album. This catchy slam song against haters made news for listeners to talk about for more than a month until the next single release.


So It Goes…

A very haunting song. The song is a dark portrayal of what seems like an encounter that happens in the moment. Getting caught up with one other having “lipstick on your face” an experience that can only be described as a high-tempo relationship and whatever happens you go with the flow…

Melodically it has that metallic sound that Taylor uses often in this album…the song itself…is OK.



Out of the four initially released singles prior to Reputation’s drop date, this is my favorite.  

Although it looks like fans are not for this simple lyric pop song (I know you can all kill me later about this statement).

The lyrics lend itself to be so basic that I feel I could’ve written it myself.  However, I like the beat and the baby saying “Gorgeous” in the beginning was classic. Again, caught me off guard.  

Like I said out of all the four singles released, this is definitely my favorite even with the basic lyrics. I mean c’mon if Rihanna can sing a song with 3 words and make it go to number one, then this song has the potential to do the same.


Getaway Car

By far my favorite song on the album (post single release), much deeper lyrics and the melody is outrageously catchy.  A very dynamic song that paints a very vivid picture.  It leans more toward a pop feel.  So the synths and background vocals with “ohhhs” & “ahhh” and the symbolism of her relationship, dare I say with…Calvin Harris? Makes this a masterpiece.

Lots of feelings.

Lots of emotions and the progression of the song is just great. The reference to Bonnie and Clyde is a nice touch and she continues to talk about how she gets away from a bad relationship by backstabbing her partner in crime.

Put aside the autobiographical references for a second and put yourself in the shoes of the person in this single and you’ll feel what the message is all about.


King of My Heart

I don’t know if this is just me but when Taylor says, “Range Rovers and their Ja-gu-ars”. Sounds strange.  I’m sure other Swifties can agree with me that this song is not her best work.  

I think after a few listens it does sound like a potential song that will grow on you similar to “Long Live” on Speak Now.

Taylor Swift will find a way to make it popular. I’m sure.


Dancing With Our Hands Tied

This is my 2nd favorite song on the album.  The melody really creates an emotional connection and builds a gradual almost cinematic feel right from the beginning.

The song seems like a hidden love that although she was together with this person, “she loved him in secret” and then was kept going on and dealing with the type of relationship it was with her “hands tied”.

Dancing with Our Hands Tied is all symbolic lyrically, it has dark undertones that mirror, “50 Shades of Grey.”



I enjoy this song as a whole.  The heavy breaths and sexual insinuation is very playful.  I feel the song is very relatable in the sense that if you tried to impress someone that you like and then having that one night where you have that “wow” dress but the other person just thinks of you only as a friend, a best friend at that.  

The girl in the relationship seems to want way more from this interaction.  No real build up of the song just melodic layering and lyrics that talk about a night where someone wants much more.

My favorite part is the bridge where Taylor talks about the other person saying her name and everything, “Stops” which in the song, it actually stops. Nice touch!


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I heard this song late, but I already know that this is a fun revengeful song targeted to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.  

The title is laid out exactly what to expect in the song.  Everything starts as fun, then obviously Kayne messes up and betrays Taylor Swift trust.

She gave him in a second chance and then got her on the phone and “Mind twisted” her.  It reminds me of Better Than Revenge, which I ended up listening to last night.   Makes me so happy to hear!

That being said, please be a single and be #1.  


Call It What You Want

Another autobiographical song about new boyfriend which apparently according to news sites she’s been talking with for about a year.  Yes, confirmed Taylor dates a lot of famous guys to write her songs.

The lyrics talks about the haters and how just being with this one person all of that doesn’t matter.  So she tells people to “Call It What You Want” in terms of their relationship because who cares right? You’re dating Joe Alwyn and she’s happy…so call it what you want.


New Year’s Day

This is classic Taylor and one of the only ballads in Reputation.  The lyrics are very descriptive, evokes emotion and although it isn’t my absolute favorites (because there are definitely better songs in 1989 or Red, its on here. 

This song is light-hearted and really allows the person feel the experience of New Year’s Day.

I think people can relate to this whether you’ve had a love on New Year’s or not. The song is easy to listen to and the piano accompaniment feels like it can be a New Year’s anthem.   The song is not overproduced and has nice vocal layers as the climax leads to a nice finish.


Overall Thoughts

Overall, reading reviews on the web, critics feel that this album is a diverse collection set of songs.  I would say 8 out of 10 that I’ve read were positive. 

As a die-hard fan, it is difficult to hear a new side of Taylor Swift.  I miss the catchy single days of “You Belong With Me”, heck even “Mine” – it was a catchy song even with heavy country overtones.  

For me, I honestly want to just be able to listen to an album and just sing along (not hit skip so often), which Taylor has always been able to do. 

However, these songs make it almost impossible to do.  Hip Hop beats need electronic accompaniment along with backline sounds and vocal layering.  Don’t forget the vocal editing that’s required to pull these songs off in such a way for it to sound good.

Artistically, Taylor has never looked stronger.  Let’s see how these songs perform and how album sales progress through the first month of Christmas and 2018.

If you’d like a copy of the album, we’re selling Reputation through Amazon for you to give us your own thoughts!

Comment on the article below and let us know what your overall thoughts are on each of the songs.