American Horror Story Season 8 Ends (VIDEO RECAP)

The end of “the end of the world” never felt so rushed and satisfying.

Jeremy talks about American Horror Story: Apocalypse, the ending of Season 8 and a few unanswered questions that we had coming into the final episode.   See Jeremy’s recap below.


‘Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald’ Review, A Beautiful Disaster

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald is a Harry Potter movie on crack.  

From a theatrical, storytelling, standpoint it was a hot mess. From the perspective of a Harry Potter fan, you’ll be left with a lot of questions.

However, for those that have invested time into the franchise, you’ll be at the edge of your seat the entire time for an overall satisfying ride. Whip out your phones because when the credits roll, Google will be your best friend.  

There are hardly any references to characters or situations that happened in the first movie, so we recommend that you take the time to watch Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them as a refresher.

As we continue our review, know that spoiler warnings are in effect.

The Fantastic Beasts

The fantastic beasts in Crimes of Grindelwald were arguably (and it appears most critics would agree) the best part of the movie.

They were all extremely unique, creative creatures that did a great job of grabbing and pulling you into their world. Whether that be underwater or across Paris depends on where you are in the movie. 

The biggest draw to these beasts are the mysteries behind them and what they’re capable of.

One of our favorites, the Zouwu, can travel thousands of miles a day without getting tired. Rowland describes it as an, “…elephant sized cat, [that is] five colored…”

The Love Stories of Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald

The fan-favorite couple of the first movie, Queenie and Jacob (played by Alison Sudol and Dan Fogler respectively) were quickly introduced and then quickly torn apart.  It was heartbreaking but didn’t quite have the impact the writers were probably expecting because of their minimal screen time. 

We feel like J.K. Rowling said, ‘We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s close this out and thank you, next.’

Newt Scamander, portrayed by Eddie Redmayne, and his seemingly emotionally flat love interest, Tina, played by Katherine Waterston, refers to him as ‘Mr. Scamander’ upon their first meeting. This came off cold and uncaring, which was fine. However, they had very little chemistry throughout, which may have also been due to on-screen time.

When Tina is first brought up, Queenie mentions to Newt that Tina was hurt hearing he was supposedly engaged to Leta Lestrange. It didn’t come off that way during their exchanges and even the height of Newt and Tina’s one-on-one love scene was cut short due to the entrance of Leta Lestrange.  Speaking of Leta…

Leta Lestrange, Newt and their brother love triangle.  This was explored briefly but it was a love story not well fleshed out. It is distracting at best as it arises and then leaves the viewers with so many questions.  At the beginning of the movie they introduce Newt and Leta with some obvious tension, then a scene back at Hogwarts with both of their interactions as kids. We find a few moments later that she is engaged to Newt’s brother, Theseus Scamander (Callum Turner).

After all that, she dies.

Finally, there is the love story of Credence and Nagini played by Ezra Miller and Claudia Kim. Another odd couple in the film; they get close, never kiss, have a few intimate moments,  and then Credence leaves her to be with Grindelwald because of his family issues. Done deal.

On this end, the film doesn’t allow viewers to feel the stakes involved with any of the characters, so in this aspect you’ll be left quite unsatisfied.

The Twists of Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald

(From the perspective of Credence Barebone)  “So I’m an adopted boy? No wait, I’m a Lestrange, no…actually you’re a Dumbledore.  Wait, there’s another Dumbledore? WTF.”

Then, the twist of, Leta Lestrange with a mysterious man who is not tied with the Ministry or with Grindelwald’s army.  We come to find out that he is an estranged half-brother who wishes to kill Leta’s real brother, who we all think is Credence but find out later that he is not Credence and her ‘real’ brother died when he was a baby that Leta switched with another baby because he was irritating.

That was not confusing at all…

Where Are We In Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald

We explore the wizarding world and then the no-maj world. We go back and forth without any indication of where you are. Are we in the no-maj world? Are we in the Wizarding world?

How are all these monsters out and about?  Did Grindelwald just cast a spell all over Paris for the world to see?  Did anyone see those huge blue dragons burning up a cemetery?

Then we continue to wonder. Are we in Newt’s suitcase? Are we at his house?  Are we in his basement?

Even Hogwarts doesn’t look like Hogwarts although we’ll give them that it was in an earlier timeline.


Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald is a great movie for Harry Potter fans.  

I’m not gonna lie, it is pretty confusing but there are shining moments such as the dramatic speech given by Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) and the charm that Eddie Redmayne brings to Newt Scamander’s character. (although lost in the shuffles of confusing story archs and weak character building) Scamander so darn likable interacting with his fantastic beasts, that it distracts you long enough to throw in a few good laughs amongst a rather dark film.

The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2018

Halloween 2018 came and went as fast as you can say ‘trick-or-treat’ but it’s always fun to take a look back at who killed the Day of The Dead. From a designer dripped Jason Vorhees to a very convincing Pennywise, here are the best celebrity costumes from yesterday’s spooky festivities.


Lebron James – Jason Vorhees 


Harry Styles – Elton John












(Photo Credit KISS 92.5)


Rita Ora – Post Malone


Klay Thompson – Jackie Moon

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Go trops Happy Halloween 🎃👻

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JaVale McGee – The Grinch 


Olivia Munn – Peik Lin




















Brandon Ingram – Lord Voldemort

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Victor Oladipo – Black Panther


Kendall Jenner – Fembot from Austin Powers

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Halsey – Poison Ivy


Mindy Kaling – Mustard


Diddy – Pennywise


Beyonce & Jay-Z – Olympic Track Stars


Lil Pump – Na’Vi from Avatar


DeAndre Hopkins – Better Na’Vi from Avatar


Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner – Gomez and Morticia Addams 

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Happy Halloween from Morticia & Gomez Addams

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Chrissy Teigan & John Legend – Queen and Duke of Halloween

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Tom Brady – Super Creepy Clown

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Lonzo Ball – Batman 

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Aaron Gordon – Aaron Judge 


Golden Tate – Willy Wonka

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There is more than one way to get into the Halloween spirit this year. Whether you dress up as your favorite superhero, watch a few scary movies, or choose to play through a terrifying video game, you’ll end up quivering under your bedsheets all the same.


Gaming is a particularly interesting way to celebrate Spooky Season because it grants you the unique ability to immerse yourself into the horror. The horror genre of gaming has always been under-appreciated. However, it’s become more popular in recent years due to popular streamers playing through them live on streaming platforms such as Twitch.


See ReddCinema’s Tyler1 compilation below:


In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of the scariest games that you can find and ranked them on the spooky scale. Here are the top ten video games that’ll give you the best chance at some terrible nightmares.



10. Slender: The Eight Pages

Starting off our list we have, Slender, which is an old, simply made game that is very creepy under the right circumstances. It’s based around the Internet urban legend, Slenderman, who is depicted as a tall lanky creature that wears all black and has no face. The entire premise of this game is to walk around a dark forest with nothing but a shaky flashlight and find eight pages of a mysterious book. But be careful, you might run into Slenderman before you can find all eight. Turn off all of the lights, turn the volume up to max, and it’s an excellent way to get your horror fix.



9. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

You can’t go wrong playing any of the Resident Evil games if you’re looking to be scared; especially the first few. Having said that, the newest rendition of the franchise, RE7 is the scariest one to date. The player takes control of Ethan Winters who is searching for his wife in a plantation house full of cannibals. The game’s first person point of view, stunning graphics, and the return of a more horror-survival themed story makes it an amazing game to play this Hallow’s eve. Did I mention that it’s VR compatible?



8. Penumbra: Black Plague

One of the more popular streamed horror games, Black Plague will send chills down your spine. The second game of the Penumbra franchise, Black Plague starts where the first game leaves off: in an abandoned research facility that is filled with the “infected”. You’ll have to avoid the terrifying creatures to learn more about your character’s past while finding the best way to escape.




7. Dead Space

Another horror genre classic, the Dead Space franchise is one of the best horror-survival games to this day. While all three of the game’s main titles are exhilarating, there’s nothing quite like the first. You play as an interstellar engineer named Isaac Clarke that is trapped aboard a ship that has been overrun by alien parasites. The best part about the game is that while you’re terrified to turn each corner of the ship, it’s still incredibly fun to play.




FEAR is a horror first-person shooter that revolves around an evil supernatural force that has taken the form of a creepy little girl. You’ll play as the leader of the FEAR task force that has been called in to investigate and contain the evil presence. Much like Dead Space this game is as much fun as it is scary and you’re going to enjoy working towards its ending.


5. Fatal Frame

Top five, top five, top five! Fatal Frame was the first game in a five game franchise and the first of its kind. It’s based around fighting some seriously terrifying ghosts with a special camera that has the ability to exorcize them. While fighting spirits like the one shown above with nothing but a camera seems like a strange premise, you’ll see why it’s on this list as soon as you start playing.




4.  Alien: Isolation 

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to watch all of the Alien movies. While they’re quite frankly ancient, they’ve withstood the test of time and maintained their scare factor. Alien: Isolation is much newer and contains a slew of new themes that’ll be sure to get your palms sweaty. There’s nothing like walking around a dark, damp ship knowing that there are giant murderous aliens roaming the halls. One of the coolest things about this game is that it’s not one-dimensional in any way; there are multiple evils that you must face and many of them are simply un-killable.



3. Silent Hill 2

Pyramid head was the stuff of nightmares as a kid. Silent Hill 2 is the second game in the Silent Hill series and the scariest of the franchise’s main titles. Another survival-horror game, SH2 is based on James Sunderland’s hunt for answers in the town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his wife that says she’s trapped there. Sunderland sets out to find her but quickly realizes that the town is turning his deepest fears into reality. The game is more centered around puzzles and riddles than actual combat, but somehow that makes it even more horrifying to play.



2.  Outlast

Outlast is another game that has become a popular horror title to stream. The game follows an investigative journalist named Miles Upshur who has decided to write an article about a remote insane asylum called Mount Massive Asylum. There is no combat in the game, which leaves you defenseless and piles onto the insane amount of dread and terror you feel while playing. Your only tool is a camcorder, which can be used as an inefficient source of light.




1. Silent Hill: P.T.

Silent Hill: PT was never turned into anything more than what its name stands for, a ‘Playable Teaser.’ The game was originally released on the PlayStation 4 as a teaser for the Silent Hill franchise’s next installment, Silent Hills. However, that title was eventually cancelled and PT was removed from online stores. It is based around an unspecified protagonist that wakes up within a severely demented house. The sole objective of the game is to continue down a single hallway, solving riddles and puzzles, facing horror after horror. If the player fails to succeed in any of the trials the loop of challenges is reset and each scare must be faced again. It’s a shame that the full game was never released, but nonetheless it is the scariest game to play this Halloween.



Photo Credit: Daily Express, MobyGames, IMDB, Polygon, iHorror, Den of Geek, SlashGear

Kidney Stone, ER, Gymnastics World Championships and Biles Still Makes History

Having a kidney stone would leave any normal person unable to walk, let alone compete in a Gymnastics World Championship.


That would be the case if you were a regular human being. Which begs the question, is Simon Biles even human?


The 2018 Gymnastics World Championships held at the Aspire Dome, Doha, Qatar from Oct 25, 2018 – Nov 3, 2018, kicked off last week and amidst poor equipment during podium training (the training period for gymnast to get acclimated to equipment and the environment), the US team arrived ready qualifying night, Saturday 10/27.


However, on the day prior, a different problem arose. Front-runner and four-time Olympic gold medalist from the Rio Olympic Games, Simone Biles, needed to go to the emergency room with less than 24 hours until the World Championship event and team qualifications.


She had brought up “having stomach pains on her right side for two days” during training and Biles mentions that, “they found a kidney stone.”



Aside from being admitted into the hospital, Biles posted a history charting all-around score of 60.965 during qualifications. A score like this is unheard of only two years after an Olympic Games.


To put it into perspective, Biles’ score is five total points higher than last year’s World Champion, Morgan Hurd of the United States, posting a 55.232 (14.533 on Vault, 14.3 on Bars, 12.666 on Beam, 13.733 respectively).


In gymnastics, five points equal to five major falls on any apparatus. One point deducted for a fall or major error. Simone would need to fall off the beam five times in order to lose the 2018 World Championship to last year’s winner.


Of course, the gymnastics world never thought that Biles could get any better, and they were wrong.


Not only did Simone Biles recover from her kidney stone and the midnight trip to the ER, but she made history by unveiling a new skill now called, “the Biles” on vault. “The Biles” which is a Cheng (roundoff, back handspring with half turn entry; front straight somersault with 1½ twist) adding an extra half twist.

It is one of the hardest moves being done in women’s gymnastics to-date and Biles does it with ease, see below.



She then went on to compete on each apparatus with nearly flawless routines.

Her scores and US teammates’ are listed below:

Vault: Biles, 15.966 (2nd, 15.366; avg. 15.666); McCallum, 14.600 (2nd, 13.533; avg, 14.066); Hurd, 14.600; McCusker, 14.266

Uneven bars: Biles, 14.866; Hurd, 14.466; McCusker, 14.133; Grace McCallum, 14.100
Balance beam: Biles, 14.800; Eaker, 14.466; Hurd, 13.466; McCusker, 13.100
Floor exercise: Biles, 15.333; Hurd, 13.933; McCallum, 13.800; McCusker, 13.266

Scores provided by


Unfortunately, it wasn’t a strong showing for fan favorite, Riley McCusker, who competed on each apparatus during qualifiers. “…I let the nerves get to me a little bit,” McCusker said in an interview with USA Gymnastics.


With a fall on beam, a big bobble on the floor and a miss of a major connection on bars McCusker, favorite to qualify for Uneven Bar finals, will not be competing after the team final for a medal. See her all-around performance during qualifications below.



All that being said, Biles has qualified for every major apparatus for event finals and has the opportunity to win the most medals of any gymnast of all-time.


She is two gold medals away from making gymnastics history to receive the most World and Olympics medals of any person in the history of gymnastics.


According to USA Gymnastics, “The women’s qualification round wraps up tomorrow, and the finals begin with the men’s team competition on Oct. 29 at 4 p.m. Doha time/9 a.m. ET.”

10 Terrifying Movies To Watch This Halloween

In October one of the most popular Google searches is, “Scary movies to watch for Halloween.” Unfortunately, most of the time what comes up is a list of generic titles that might’ve scared you as a child, but won’t give you nightmares as an adult.


Luckily for you horror fans, we’ve compiled a list of ten absolutely horrifying films to watch during the week leading up to Halloween. If you’re a horror part-timer who’s feeling brave because of the time of year, you might want to stick to Hocus Pocus.



10. The Conjuring

It’s safe to say that when a list of ten horror movies starts with The Conjuring it’s going to be a good list.


The Conjuring follows paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who are on a job to help a family that is experiencing an evil presence in their farmhouse. While it’s mainstream and widely popular, it’s a great horror film that checks off all of the boxes for a paranormal spooky.




9. The Thing

This creepy monster movie is about a research team that is being hunted by an alien who has the ability to take the appearance of the people it kills in the most disgusting way possible. While The Thing is a pretty ridiculous name for a scary movie, it does a great job of meshing jump-scares, gross-out scenes and a feeling of hopelessness.




8. The Visit

If you’re planning on visiting your grandparents in the near future, don’t watch The Visit. It follows two children who are recording a home video about meeting their grandparents for the first time. Unfortunately for the kids, the two oldsters suffer from sundown syndrome, which turns them into a pair of complete psychos when the sun sets. It also has a horrifying twist towards the end.




7. Rec. 

Rec. is one of the original “camcorder point-of-view” movies. It follows a reporter and cameraman into an apartment building that seemingly has no power and before they know it, they’re trapped inside with something terrible. If you’re afraid of the dark, this movie is perfect for you.




6. I Saw The Devil

I Saw The Devil is a foreign horror film that follows a secret agent that is looking to exact revenge on a serial killer through capture, torture, and release, over and over. It’s truly disturbing and will follow you for nights to come.




5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

We’re in the top five, which means that the following movies are going to be off-the-charts scary. Continue at your own risk. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a classic horror film that depicts a family of cannibalistic psychos hunting and murdering a nice little family. Good stuff. The film was underfunded, they recorded for 16 hours a day in the blazing hot Texas sun, and almost every member of the crew was actually injured on set.




4. The Descent

The perfect scary movie for the claustrophobic viewer. The Descent follows six women who go underground to explore what they believe to be an undiscovered system of caves and tunnels. When they realize that they’re not alone, it’s already too late.




3. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is loosely based on a true story about the town of Blaire, Maryland and its mysterious, murderous history. Something about movies that depict a scary story that really happened makes them even more terrifying. Sit back and try to relax as you watch the newly found recordings of three film students who have vanished into the woods while investigating the Blair Witch.




2. Misery

Released in 1990, Misery is truly an OG in the scary movie game. It depicts a famous author who is rescued by one of his fans after a car accident. When he wakes up he realizes that he can’t leave. Misery’s story is entirely too possible and Kathy Bates creates a character that is very believable.




1. Shutter (Thai Version)

Shutter is the scariest film that you can watch this Halloween. It’s spooky, disturbing, haunting, depressing, pretty much all of the above. Good luck trying to sleep the night you watch it. Our recommendation is to save it for the night of Halloween.




Photo Credit: TVJerry, Weird Fiction Review, Found Footage Critic, Taste of Cinema, MapQuest Travel, Ryan Movie Reviews, Bustle

After 89 Years, A Singer from Hawaii Reinvents the National Anthem (VIDEO)

Metahuman Entertainment wouldn’t be a local entertainment company if we didn’t represent for Hawaii.


Local singer and musician Willie K sang the national anthem before the University of Hawai’i’s football game against Nevada this past Saturday. It would have been like any other opening ceremony for a sports game except this time, Willie K took the song and added his own personal spin.


Using only his ukulele, an instrument often associated with Hawaiian music, Willie K belted out a heart-felt rendition of the national anthem.


Although the lyrics were familiar, the song seemed different. From beginning to end it was simply amazing and with over 2 million views, it is safe to say the song (and video) has gone viral.


Watch the video shared by Timothy Burke here (@bubbaprog).


Willie K, who was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year, stunned the crowd at the Aloha Stadium and will surely be an inspiration for others who are fighting the same battle.

What’s The Geekery? An Interview With One Of The Coolest Geek Stores Around

Sometimes the greatest places to shop online are smaller and independently run.

You’ll often find that the customer service of new up and coming online shops are amazing, the buying process is quick and easy and the items are chosen by popularity so you will almost always find something of interest. These characteristics perfectly describe The Geekery, an online nerd-culture inspired merchandise shop created and operated by Katrina Darwin.  



Darwin, 24, started The Geekery a little over a year ago with the goal of creating a “one-stop shop for all sorts of nerdy and geeky goodies.” The shop includes everything from jewelry to stuffed animals and everything is affordable.


She describes herself as an eccentric person who is passionate about all things geek related. I recently had the honor of interviewing her via Skype and we discussed everything from her current interests to her favorite fandoms.


Ever since Darwin was 14 years old she knew that she was going to work for herself; she just wasn’t sure of what that work would look like during the time. In high school, she stumbled upon a group of people discussing the video game World of Warcraft and she knew right then that she had an interest in nerd culture.


That interest would culminate while Darwin was in college. She explained that the idea of The Geekery first came from her passion for comics, anime, and video games, but she also knew that she wanted to love what she did for a living. Darwin put the two together and came up with the idea of an online geek merchandise shop.


She figured the first step towards opening The Geekery was earning a degree, which she did in 2016 when she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Vancouver Island University. Just a year later The Geekery was born.


Darwin’s company launched in January 2017, but the site became fully operational four months later in May, which is when she became fully self-employed.


When you visit The Geekery, the first thing you’ll notice is its products; they’re all related to anime, movies, and cartoon series’ that currently popular. The website is clean and professional and all of Darwin’s products are broken down into four main categories: wallets, keychains, plushies, and purses. There are currently six full pages worth of geek-inspired “gifts and goodies” including Adventure Time wallets, Batman plushies, and Charmander keychains.




Darwin admitted that the process hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine. After graduating, she quickly realized that it would take more than what she learned in school to make her business successful.


“It’s been a very interesting experience because I found that although the business school is wonderful, it teaches you how to go into a corporate job, not how to open your own business. So I made a lot of mistakes, and just all of the mistakes that you’re not supposed to make when starting your own business, I’ve done pretty much made all of them, so that was fun,” said Darwin.


One significant mistake she made in the opening days of The Geekery was not doing enough market research before investing money in a product. Darwin invested money into a certain item and it didn’t sell as much as she would have hoped, which set her back. However, she also explained that it’s all been a part of the learning process that has led her to her current success.


Some of Darwin’s current interests outside of running The Geekery are the shows Supernatural and Doctor Who. She attributes much of her success to having similar interests to the people that she sells to. However, she also notes that she has a great network of friends who she can rely on for advice in areas of nerd culture that she may not be as familiar with.


Darwin explained that she has one friend who helps point her towards the most popular video games, while another can list all of the anime characters that are the biggest fan favorites. As an independent business owner, there are only so many topics that Darwin can be up to date on, so her network of friends is a crucial part of keeping her up to date on what’s trending and what’s not.



Currently, her biggest sellers are the Sailor Moon purses, which have an adorable, yet simple design. These sell at such a competitive rate that The Geekery and Darwin have a hard time keeping enough of them in stock. The stores most recent additions include Deadpool keychains and plushies.


As for future plans, Darwin hopes to continue growing her business and for it to become a place for people to regularly visit to see what kinds of new items she has in stock. Darwin’s dream is to run a business and have fun doing it, which is exactly what she’s doing.


The Geekery is still a small yet growing entity, but it’s unique geek inspired products already make it a worthwhile stop during your next online shopping session.


American Horror Story Goes Back To Murder House

We’ve finally come full circle.


That’s right, season eight episode six of American Horror Story takes us back to where it all began – Murder House.


Ryan Murphy is pulling out all the stops, bringing back show favorites to help put an exclamation mark on Season 8, Apocalypse. The “Doorway to Hell” never looked more inviting.


With a long list of appearances from returning characters in its 8th season, the most highly anticipated character is none other than Jessica Lange.


It is commonly known that American Horror Story has been centered around strong female leads and Lange was the leader in seasons two, three, and four, and won two Emmys playing Fiona Goode and Elsa Mars respectively.


Lange will make her supposedly final reappearance in season eight for the upcoming episode revisiting Murder House and reprising her role as Constance Langdon, the grandmother of the Antichrist, Michael Langdon, who has played the major bad guy throughout Apocalypse.   


And now, we’ll finally know his backstory.


Return to Murder House is predicted to bridge the gap between two of the highest rated seasons – Coven (S3) and Murder House (S1). So expect big ratings right out of the gate.


An aspect that has kept American Horror Story so fresh throughout its 8 seasons is that not only does each season tell a different ‘story’ (not continuous to the previous season), its main actors and actresses play leading roles as completely different characters altogether in each season with the exception of cross-overs.


To put it into perspective, Sarah Paulson has played a different character in each season and has played up to three different characters in one season, which was shown in Roanoke (S6).

We’re thinking Apocalypse will beat the record.


American Horror Story’s Many Faces

There is no doubt that American Horror Story – the show – has launched many illustrious careers since its debut back in 2011.  A few to mention who you may be familiar with are:


Sarah Paulson, who played a role in Oceans 8 as one of the main ladies, but has been one of the few actresses to be in every season of American Horror Story.


Evan Peters, who played Quicksilver in Foxes’ X-Men Days of Future Past


Lady Gaga, who also won a Golden Globe on the show for her role in Hotel (S5) and went on to a leading role in the Oscar-worthy Box Office hit, A Star Is Born.


Other notable appearances include:


Emma Roberts, who came with her own fame as the niece of Julia Roberts, but fans fell in love with her character Madison Montgomery (S3).


Kathy Bates, who has played every role imaginable since her debut in Coven in season three.  She attributed her acting career comeback to American Horror Story according to an interview with Vanity Fair.


Connie Britton, who played the original leading lady to kick off the show in Murder House. Having only been with the show for one season, she landed a leading role opposite to Hayden Panettiere in smash-hit. Nashville.


Adina Porter, who holds/held pivotal roles in The 100 and True Blood.  Porter made an appearance in Murder House as Sally Freeman and then had a more prominent role in American Horror Story: Roanoke (S6).


The list of celebs goes on and Ryan Murphy, the creator of the show, left no stone unturned in the upcoming latest episode.  


Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, this episode is sure to break the internet with a long list of star appearances. 

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