There is more than one way to get into the Halloween spirit this year. Whether you dress up as your favorite superhero, watch a few scary movies, or choose to play through a terrifying video game, you’ll end up quivering under your bedsheets all the same.


Gaming is a particularly interesting way to celebrate Spooky Season because it grants you the unique ability to immerse yourself into the horror. The horror genre of gaming has always been under-appreciated. However, it’s become more popular in recent years due to popular streamers playing through them live on streaming platforms such as Twitch.


See ReddCinema’s Tyler1 compilation below:


In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of the scariest games that you can find and ranked them on the spooky scale. Here are the top ten video games that’ll give you the best chance at some terrible nightmares.



10. Slender: The Eight Pages

Starting off our list we have, Slender, which is an old, simply made game that is very creepy under the right circumstances. It’s based around the Internet urban legend, Slenderman, who is depicted as a tall lanky creature that wears all black and has no face. The entire premise of this game is to walk around a dark forest with nothing but a shaky flashlight and find eight pages of a mysterious book. But be careful, you might run into Slenderman before you can find all eight. Turn off all of the lights, turn the volume up to max, and it’s an excellent way to get your horror fix.



9. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

You can’t go wrong playing any of the Resident Evil games if you’re looking to be scared; especially the first few. Having said that, the newest rendition of the franchise, RE7 is the scariest one to date. The player takes control of Ethan Winters who is searching for his wife in a plantation house full of cannibals. The game’s first person point of view, stunning graphics, and the return of a more horror-survival themed story makes it an amazing game to play this Hallow’s eve. Did I mention that it’s VR compatible?



8. Penumbra: Black Plague

One of the more popular streamed horror games, Black Plague will send chills down your spine. The second game of the Penumbra franchise, Black Plague starts where the first game leaves off: in an abandoned research facility that is filled with the “infected”. You’ll have to avoid the terrifying creatures to learn more about your character’s past while finding the best way to escape.




7. Dead Space

Another horror genre classic, the Dead Space franchise is one of the best horror-survival games to this day. While all three of the game’s main titles are exhilarating, there’s nothing quite like the first. You play as an interstellar engineer named Isaac Clarke that is trapped aboard a ship that has been overrun by alien parasites. The best part about the game is that while you’re terrified to turn each corner of the ship, it’s still incredibly fun to play.




FEAR is a horror first-person shooter that revolves around an evil supernatural force that has taken the form of a creepy little girl. You’ll play as the leader of the FEAR task force that has been called in to investigate and contain the evil presence. Much like Dead Space this game is as much fun as it is scary and you’re going to enjoy working towards its ending.


5. Fatal Frame

Top five, top five, top five! Fatal Frame was the first game in a five game franchise and the first of its kind. It’s based around fighting some seriously terrifying ghosts with a special camera that has the ability to exorcize them. While fighting spirits like the one shown above with nothing but a camera seems like a strange premise, you’ll see why it’s on this list as soon as you start playing.




4.  Alien: Isolation 

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to watch all of the Alien movies. While they’re quite frankly ancient, they’ve withstood the test of time and maintained their scare factor. Alien: Isolation is much newer and contains a slew of new themes that’ll be sure to get your palms sweaty. There’s nothing like walking around a dark, damp ship knowing that there are giant murderous aliens roaming the halls. One of the coolest things about this game is that it’s not one-dimensional in any way; there are multiple evils that you must face and many of them are simply un-killable.



3. Silent Hill 2

Pyramid head was the stuff of nightmares as a kid. Silent Hill 2 is the second game in the Silent Hill series and the scariest of the franchise’s main titles. Another survival-horror game, SH2 is based on James Sunderland’s hunt for answers in the town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his wife that says she’s trapped there. Sunderland sets out to find her but quickly realizes that the town is turning his deepest fears into reality. The game is more centered around puzzles and riddles than actual combat, but somehow that makes it even more horrifying to play.



2.  Outlast

Outlast is another game that has become a popular horror title to stream. The game follows an investigative journalist named Miles Upshur who has decided to write an article about a remote insane asylum called Mount Massive Asylum. There is no combat in the game, which leaves you defenseless and piles onto the insane amount of dread and terror you feel while playing. Your only tool is a camcorder, which can be used as an inefficient source of light.




1. Silent Hill: P.T.

Silent Hill: PT was never turned into anything more than what its name stands for, a ‘Playable Teaser.’ The game was originally released on the PlayStation 4 as a teaser for the Silent Hill franchise’s next installment, Silent Hills. However, that title was eventually cancelled and PT was removed from online stores. It is based around an unspecified protagonist that wakes up within a severely demented house. The sole objective of the game is to continue down a single hallway, solving riddles and puzzles, facing horror after horror. If the player fails to succeed in any of the trials the loop of challenges is reset and each scare must be faced again. It’s a shame that the full game was never released, but nonetheless it is the scariest game to play this Halloween.



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