10 Terrifying Movies To Watch This Halloween

In October one of the most popular Google searches is, “Scary movies to watch for Halloween.” Unfortunately, most of the time what comes up is a list of generic titles that might’ve scared you as a child, but won’t give you nightmares as an adult.


Luckily for you horror fans, we’ve compiled a list of ten absolutely horrifying films to watch during the week leading up to Halloween. If you’re a horror part-timer who’s feeling brave because of the time of year, you might want to stick to Hocus Pocus.



10. The Conjuring

It’s safe to say that when a list of ten horror movies starts with The Conjuring it’s going to be a good list.


The Conjuring follows paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who are on a job to help a family that is experiencing an evil presence in their farmhouse. While it’s mainstream and widely popular, it’s a great horror film that checks off all of the boxes for a paranormal spooky.




9. The Thing

This creepy monster movie is about a research team that is being hunted by an alien who has the ability to take the appearance of the people it kills in the most disgusting way possible. While The Thing is a pretty ridiculous name for a scary movie, it does a great job of meshing jump-scares, gross-out scenes and a feeling of hopelessness.




8. The Visit

If you’re planning on visiting your grandparents in the near future, don’t watch The Visit. It follows two children who are recording a home video about meeting their grandparents for the first time. Unfortunately for the kids, the two oldsters suffer from sundown syndrome, which turns them into a pair of complete psychos when the sun sets. It also has a horrifying twist towards the end.




7. Rec. 

Rec. is one of the original “camcorder point-of-view” movies. It follows a reporter and cameraman into an apartment building that seemingly has no power and before they know it, they’re trapped inside with something terrible. If you’re afraid of the dark, this movie is perfect for you.




6. I Saw The Devil

I Saw The Devil is a foreign horror film that follows a secret agent that is looking to exact revenge on a serial killer through capture, torture, and release, over and over. It’s truly disturbing and will follow you for nights to come.




5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

We’re in the top five, which means that the following movies are going to be off-the-charts scary. Continue at your own risk. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a classic horror film that depicts a family of cannibalistic psychos hunting and murdering a nice little family. Good stuff. The film was underfunded, they recorded for 16 hours a day in the blazing hot Texas sun, and almost every member of the crew was actually injured on set.




4. The Descent

The perfect scary movie for the claustrophobic viewer. The Descent follows six women who go underground to explore what they believe to be an undiscovered system of caves and tunnels. When they realize that they’re not alone, it’s already too late.




3. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is loosely based on a true story about the town of Blaire, Maryland and its mysterious, murderous history. Something about movies that depict a scary story that really happened makes them even more terrifying. Sit back and try to relax as you watch the newly found recordings of three film students who have vanished into the woods while investigating the Blair Witch.




2. Misery

Released in 1990, Misery is truly an OG in the scary movie game. It depicts a famous author who is rescued by one of his fans after a car accident. When he wakes up he realizes that he can’t leave. Misery’s story is entirely too possible and Kathy Bates creates a character that is very believable.




1. Shutter (Thai Version)

Shutter is the scariest film that you can watch this Halloween. It’s spooky, disturbing, haunting, depressing, pretty much all of the above. Good luck trying to sleep the night you watch it. Our recommendation is to save it for the night of Halloween.




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