Pick Up These Weapons To Win In Black Ops 4: Blackout

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in full swing, the game’s most popular game mode, Blackout, is stealing the spotlight.


The battle royale mode allows players to drop into a huge map alone or with up to three friends and battle it out with 100 other players. The general theme of a battle royale is to start the match with nothing but your fists and quickly find the weaponry that you need to be the last player alive.


There are over thirty different weapons to pick up across the map and there are obviously some that are better than others. After playing the game for a couple of days and getting a chance to use each of the weapons against the competition, we’ve compiled a list of what we feel are the best guns to use in Blackout.


Assault Rifles

Maddox RFB

The Maddox is your do-it-all, slightly overpowered assault rifle that any new player can pick up and do well with. It’s easy to control, does a ton of damage, and you’ll find it works best in short to midrange gunfights, which is where you’ll find most of your opponents. Pick up the Maddox and either a sniper rifle or a tactical rifle and you’ll have the advantage in almost any situation.


Rampart 17

Opinions of this weapon vary greatly because of its slow rate of fire and unforgiving recoil. However, the Rampart packs a punch and when it’s put in the hands of a player with decent aim it becomes one of the deadliest guns in the game.


KN -57

If you’ve played the previous Call of Duty titles you’ll feel very comfortable with the KN. It’s practically a futuristic version of the AK-47. That means a high rate of fire, lots of stopping power, and an easy recoil pattern. When you’re able to deck out the KN with a full range of attachments, you’ll find yourself winning most firefights.



Sniper Rifles


As a player who finds the game most enjoyable while sniping, finding the Koshka is a dream come true. Every sniper in the game hits hard, which makes it possible to kill opposing players from across the map. The Koshka is the best sniper in the game because of its quick aim-down-site, decent fire rate, and good reload time.


Blackout is more fast-paced than other battle royale games and it’s important to have weapons that allow you to fire and relocate quickly. The Koshka is perfect for taking potshots at an opponent and then quickly moving to another area for another angle.


Paladin HB50

The Paladin is the opposite of the Koshka, but damn is it satisfying to use. The 50 .cal sniper rifle is extremely powerful and will down most enemies in a single shot, but it is balanced by a fire rate and ADS that is just as slow. This sniper rifle is the one to pick up if you plan on duck hunting players from miles away.


Light Machine Guns


Even if you’re not a fan of LMG’s, the Titan is worth picking up if you find it. It excels in any form of combat from short to long range and is ideal for taking out entire squads. It has a 75-round box magazine and its recoil is quite forgiving given its high damage output.



One of my go-to guns, the Hades is perfect for short to mid-range firefights and will shred up an enemy player’s armor before know what hit them. It doesn’t have the sluggish feel of an LMG¬†and works great with all kinds of attachments.


Tactical Rifles

Auger DMR

Tactical rifles are right behind sniper rifles as far as gun superiority goes in Blackout. The Auger DMR leads the way in its class and is the perfect mid to long range weapon to pick up if you haven’t found a sniper. The DMR, along with a long range scope and silencer, creates a nightmarish situation for enemy players who literally won’t know where they’re being killed from.

ABR 223

The ABR struggles up close, so you better hope that it’s not the first weapon that you drop on. However, it excels in medium to short range engagements and is a forgiving burst-fire option to players who don’t have amazing aim.


Submachine Guns



If you pick up a GKS at the beginning of your Blackout run you’re in luck. It is easily the best SMG in the game and is good enough to keep until late game. It has the high rate of fire that comes with being an SMG, but has little recoil and dishes out damage like nobody’s business. Pair it with a long distance rifle and watch the victory’s flow in.


The Cordite is a good enough option to pick up behind the GKS because of its loaded magazine capacity. It has low recoil and does enough damage to be used at medium range in certain situations, but when you’re fighting someone up close they rarely have a chance. Having a ton of bullets to chew through before needing to reload makes it great for unloading on multiple players as well.




MOG 12

The shotguns are garbage weapons in most situations so I won’t spend a lot of time on them. The Mog 12 is useful when you drop into small areas of the map and need to one shot enemies without armor, but it’s completely useless in every other scenario. Look for other options as soon as possible when dropping on this thing.



RK 7 Garrison

The Garrison is a solid secondary pistol at the beginning of your Blackout run and by far the best of the three pistols in the game mode. Fire a couple of rounds into an enemy with your primary weapon and then quickly switch to the Garrison to finish them off for the most effective usage.



War Machine

The War Machine was good enough to be a kill streak in other Black Ops titles and that hasn’t changed. You won’t find it every game, but when you do, the semi-automatic noob tube will get you plenty of kills. Rockets are hard to come by in Blackout so save those shots for when enemies are clumped together or hiding behind an annoying piece of cover.


Zombie Weapons


An awesome, unique part of Blackout is the introduction of “Zombies Mode” weaponry in a player versus player game mode. Certain portions of the Blackout map include full-fledged, lethal zombies that drop loot when killed. The Galil is one of the weapons that you’ll find in the zombie-infested areas of the map and it’s an excellent assault rifle. It does a ton of damage, has no recoil, but unfortunately can’t be used with attachments.

Ray Gun

Ah, the Ray Gun, such fond memories of hitting the mystery box over and over trying to obtain you. Treyarch finally decided to allow players to use the alien gun against other players! I’ll be honest, it has low ammo, no attachments, and each shot takes much too long to land. It does a heck of a lot of damage if you manage to hit something, but the odds are you won’t. Pick up the Ray Gun for nostalgia and fun, don’t if you’re looking to win fights.






Photo Credit: Treyarch

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