Who Is The Guy In Venom’s Mid-Credits Scene?

Last week’s surprising box-office buster, Venom, previewed a new supervillain in its mid-credits scene and made it glaringly obvious that the sequel will be filled with Carnage.


In case you haven’t noticed we’re riding this symbiote popularity wave until it’s dry guys.


The scene depicts Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) entering a high-security prison to interview an inmate named Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson). When Eddie arrives at Kasady’s solitary cell he finds the man grinding his fingers against a piece of metal to spell out “Welcome Eddie” in his own blood.


Before the credits continue rolling Kasady asks Eddie to take a step closer and whispers, “When I get out of here, there’s going to be carnage.”


So, who is Cletus Kasady and why have I referenced the word carnage twice since you’ve started reading this article? Let’s jump right in.



Kasady is a psychopathic serial killer who started his murderous ways as a child when he killed his grandmother by pushing her down a set of stairs. He later watched his father kill his mother because she was trying to kill him. When his father went to court to stand trial for killing his wife, Kasady testified against him, which resulted in his execution.


After both of his parents were dead Kasady ended up in an orphanage, where he was subjected to regular mental and physical abuse. Kasady eventually murdered the orphanage’s staff members, pushed one of the girls who he had a crush on into a moving bus, and burned the orphanage to the ground.


Kasady continued his killing into adulthood but was eventually caught and thrown into Ryker’s Island to serve eleven consecutive life sentences. Unfortunately for the civilians of New York, Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote accidentally gave Mr. Cletus a get out of jail free card.



In the comics, Eddie Brock is separated from Venom by Spider-Man and imprisoned with Kasady as his new cellmate. It doesn’t take long for Venom to set Brock free but during the breakout, the alien unknowingly leaves its offspring behind. The new symbiote latches itself on to Kasady and Carnage is born.


The symbiosis that occurs when the Carnage symbiote merges with Kasady isn’t a normal pairing; it’s the perfect fit. This is further explained when Carnage growls, “I was hollowed out inside…empty…just like my other. We were both sick…because we were incomplete…but not anymore. We healed each other…made each other whole. Neither one of us can survive without the other. Forget host. Forget symbiote. There is only Carnage.”


Accelerated by Kasady’s insanity and lust for violence, Carnage is simply way stronger than Venom and Spider-Man put together. Much like Venom, Carnage has super strength, agility, and speed. He can negate Spidey’s Spider-Sense and has enhanced senses himself. Carnage can fully control his symbiotic suit and often turns his extra limbs into weapons and lethal projectiles.


Kasady can still retain human form and when he does, he’s pretty much invulnerable to any kind of physical harm. However, he’s not very keen on hiding his super suit and whenever he is cut or injured the symbiote’s tendrils seep out of his skin instead of blood.



Unlike Venom, Carnage is unaffected by high-pitched sounds, but he is even more vulnerable to fire and heat. In the comics, it took Spider-Man, Venom, and the Fantastic Four to take down Carnage for the first time and that was only the start of the trouble that he would eventually whip up.


Carnage is such a ruthless, murderous supervillain that he pushes Spider-Man and Venom to put aside their differences and work together. That in itself is saying something.


Despite the violent nature of Carnage and the all-around dark theme of everything symbiote, Venom’s next film is said to be rated PG-13. The parental rating is lame, but I’m still excited for what Sony and Marvel come up with in the sequel. There’s no doubt that it’ll get a poor rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but who cares?



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