Venom, The Anti-Hero Hero

Venom, a Marvel film produced by Columbia Pictures, hits theatres on October 5th. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the head chomping anti-hero. Be warned that spoilers are in effect so check out Venom and see if our notes matchup.


We’ll be covering the basic timeline of the movie but if you’d like a play-by-play review, action scenes and more check out Brandon’s review on Venom here.


The movie is set in San Francisco, California where we first see Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy). Brock is an investigative journalist who exploits the wrongdoings of questionable organizations and “takes down” bad guys through his news segment, The Eddie Brock Show.  


Brock gets assigned to conduct a simple profile piece interviewing business tycoon, Carlton Drake, played by Emmy award winner Rizwan Amed.  Drake is the owner of a company called the Life Foundation which so happens to be the company where Brock’s girlfriend works.


Eddie Brock’s girlfriend, played by Michelle Williams, coincidentally represents the Life Foundation as a lawyer and doopty-doo he sees a classified email that talks about unethical deaths from a recently conducted outer space expedition. His journalistic digging gets him in trouble as Brock’s reckless nature gets the better of him. In questioning the Life Foundation’s ethics, Brock pushes Drake too far. He loses his job and his then-girlfriend loses her’s.


Remember the space expedition?  Well, it brought home an alien species that crash lands on earth.  The aliens, which the Life Foundation team calls symbiotes (because they are unable to live without a host), remain intact but one of them manages to escape.


It is revealed later that the Life Foundation is conducting experiments to fuse a symbiote and a ‘perfect’ host for the other three remaining aliens. If a host is not a perfect match the host dies. Drake explains his belief that in order to save humanity from itself they must venture into outer space fused with these new alien lifeforms.  


There’s a time skip that jumps to Brock living the slumdog life after being fired and dumped.  It is at that time a scientist from the Life Foundation contacts Brock. Being present during the interview that got him fired, she urges him to come with her to the Life Foundation’s facilities to help expose the company.   


While at the facility, Brock takes pictures of all the chaos happening in the lab.  As he passes one of the holding units he notices a person he would frequently see around town being held captive.  As he tries to help her escape, he breaks through the glass door only to have her jump at him. At this time, she transfers the symbiote that is currently inhabiting her and dies.  


Brock realizes that since shattering the glass he set off an alarm which prompts him to escape the facility.  To his surprise, he’s stronger, faster and is able to jump incredible heights. He makes his way back to his slumdog apartment and undergoes an unknowing symbiote “assimilation process’


It is revealed that the name of this particular symbiote is, “Venom”.The symbiote relationship requires the host to eat a lot of food helping to prevent it from consuming vital organs in the host body. However, as an alien species, symbiotes need a host in order to survive on planet earth. The bond is also able to heal any broken bones, recover any wounds and imbues the host with strength and a type of body “sense”.


Symbiotes have a weakness though, which is mentioned throughout the movie. It cannot handle sounds at 600 Hertz (Hz) and apparently fire. Interestingly enough, the symbiote has control over the host body and both are able to speak to one another.  This leads to a series of banters between Brock and Venom and a series of fights for survival.


The question of the missing symbiote is later revealed as it occupies multiple hosts and makes its way back to California. It finds its way to the Life Foundation HQ where it fuses with none other than Carlton Drake.  Drake’s symbiote is the apparent leader of the alien race which has a set of unique skills which differ from Venom.  


Riot, as Darke’s symbiote describes itself, is able to make solid weapons from cleavers to knives and spikes. Darke and his symbiote realize that they need to go back to his civilization and bring the rest of his people to inhabit planet earth.


Venom and Brock get closer acquainted and Venom realizes that he wishes to help Brock save their planet.  They make their way back to the Life Foundation facility that has a spaceship ready to lift off.


Another battle takes place: THE FINAL BATTLE, which ends with Riot and Drake making it onto the spaceship. While looking like all hope is lost, as the ship ascends, Venom rips a hole in the ships fuel tank having it burn up in a blaze of fire.  As Venom and Brock are falling to Earth, Venom then protects Brock from the flames of the rocket with a symbiote shield that burns away leaving Brock by himself falling into the ocean.  


MAJOR SPOILER:  The movies ends showing Brock and Venom are alive and well with thoughts to pursue his previous girlfriend.  Lucky for us, this is Marvel and we get a post credit scene.

Brock and Venom head toward a highly secure prison facility which Brock is assigned to interview a captured Woody Harrelson. Brock and the prisoner continue with an eerie type of dialogue to reveal that the prisoner being held captive is another Marvel bad guy, Carnage.

Venom Thoughts

If you’ve read past this point, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “that wasn’t too bad”. According to Time Magazine, maybe it wasn’t. It was reported thatVenom has shrugged off bad reviews to shatter the October box-office record with an $80 million debut…”


Even with an unconventional 32% Rotten Tomato ranking, Venom surpassed expectations at the Box Office – which in the end isn’t that what truly matters. It is safe to say, that with an opening debut of almost double its rival, A Star Is Born, released the same weekend, Venom will be chomping to a second movie with no problems.

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