Five PC Games That Are Hidden Gems

There are always going to be games that are great but unfortunately overlooked because more popular games suck up the spotlight. Having said that, here are 5 PC multiplayer games that have been released but were ignored.


Each game mentioned in this list, while not perfect, was entirely more exciting and rewarding when played with friends. Read on to see if you or your friends have ever played these games and if not, perhaps you’ll give them a try after reading this!


Divinity: Original Sin II


First up is Divinity: Original Sin II, a modern take on a classic RPG game where the player must create and customize their own character. Much like other RPG games, as that character gets stronger, the player must decide what types of spells or skills they will have access to.


In addition to this, there are three other members in your group that you meet throughout the story, kind of like in certain Final Fantasy games. However, the party can only have 4 members and there are quite a few choices available.


The game’s mechanics and the strategy based combat needed to win fights is impressive, but the game truly shines when an individual teams up with 3 other friends. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, where every action and fight can turn out differently. This game is a must if you enjoy playing role-playing games that support optional multiplayer.




Starbound is a small indie sandbox game developed by Chucklefish. In Starbound the player must repair their ship and expand it with different attributes. It plays a little like Minecraft but has a questline that is easy to understand and is filled with mini-quests that are picked up along the way. It’s actually a nice, relaxing game that allows you to create your own little world.


The game itself is pretty simple to grasp and with a simple hack n’ slash combat system it allows anyone to easily jump in and start playing. The game, like most other games, is actually more enjoyable with a full party because you’re all sharing a single linear world where every action affects the other players.


While it’s nice to have bosses and minions to fight together, the game’s true strength is the crafting. Starbound’s crafting allows the player to create a wide variety of items, some that are useful for quests, and others that are more for aesthetics. It does a fantastic job at making the world immersive and fun to explore.


Stardew Valley


If you enjoyed Starbound then you will absolutely love playing Stardew Valley, which is a sandbox game that fuses Starbound and Harvest Moon.  You and three other friends must team up to restore a farm to its former glory and expand it to be the best farm it can be.


Much like Starbound, it has some mixed elements of Minecraft and someway of a storyline that can be followed; you’re building up the farm.  However, where Stardew starts to differ is in its content.


While Stardew arguably has more content involved, it is also geared towards a different type of game space. Where in Starbound a player must ultimately collect resources to build and create better weapons to fight stronger enemies, the focus of Stardew changes as there are different seasons where a player must adapt their focus in order to keep their farm growing.


Path of Exile


This game actually became quite popular for a while when Diablo III was released and was suffering from a string of bad press regarding their in-game marketplace. It was hailed as a free alternative to Diablo III that played more like the older Diablo games.


In fact, this still holds true. While not as popular today, the gameplay, character, and build customization holds more similarity to Diablo I and II.  Like the other games on this list, it allows you to play with your friends and their customized characters.




The Steam reviews speak for themselves. While this game is nothing more than a fun little time waster, it does provide a lot of value in its versus mode. As a magick caster, the player must combine a set of button combinations to cast a spell.


Each spell is unique as some will shoot energy beams, while others will surround the character in a protective shield. The fun part is each player has access to the same spells, which means that it takes wit and strategy to defeat your opponent.


Magicka is a fun distraction that isn’t very popular, despite having a pretty intricate and unique combat system. However, if given a chance with a group of friends, it can provide dozens of hours of fun and entertainment and hilarious experiences.




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