Thor’s New Crib Is Stirring The Pot

Chris Hemsworth’s new house is fit for a God of Thunder. The enormous mansion is said to be costing the star $8 million and has been compared to typical shopping centers. Once you’ve seen it, you start to understand the comparison.



The new house, which has been under construction since 2016, is near Australia’s Byron Bay and will be home to Hemsworth’s wife Elsa and their children Sasha, Tristan, and Inda Rose.


According to Metro News, Thor’s new home will include an infinity pool, gym, steam room, a second huge pool, six bedrooms, a media room, games room, and a spa. It’s been reported that the home that was knocked down to make way for the concrete castle contained eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.



However, it’s not all sunshine and bulldozers. The lavish structure has been reported as being a source of drama among the area’s residents, as some locals, such as Darren Birch, believe that the fortress is out of place.


“It seems excessive but there’s not much we can do about it. Nothing surprises me in this town these days,” Birch told the Herald Sun.



Hemsworth and his family aren’t the only celebrities who have picked Byron Bay as their home; Miley Cyrus, Matt Damon, Olivia Newton-John, and Naomi Watts all live in the area.


Can you blame the people who have the money? The mega-mansion looks like its straight out of Tony Starks’ book of home ideas. It’s surrounded by beautiful forestry and within walking distance of a private beach.


It’s a slight downgrade from Asgard, but I think they’ll manage. Chris better invite the Avengers to stay with his family pretty often because half of those rooms are going to be vacant year-round.



Photo Credit: Daily Mail, Splash News, Screen Rant

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