Every New Game Release You Need To Save For

By this time of the year, the best games that were released in 2017 have been played into dullness. The sleek, fun allure of each of our favorite titles has long been worn down by the hundreds of hours we’ve undoubtedly poured in. For gamers, the lyrics “Wake me up when September ends” should be taken literally. We wait, dwindling our thumbs, playing the same old games until October finally makes its long-awaited appearance.


Obviously, new video games aren’t the only thing that makes this the best time of the year. You’ve got football, the start of the NBA season, and the holidays.


But over the next few months’ money will inevitably be tighter and you’re going to have to decide which titles to spend your money on upon their release. Look no further. Here is every game that you’ll need to save up for before the New Year.


October 12 – Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4


The last Call of Duty title I bought was Black Ops III. To be honest, I haven’t been a Call of Duty believer since they messed with sniping in the first Black Ops, but I can’t deny what I’ve seen so far.


Black Ops 4 will be the game that brings Call of Duty back into the spotlight. The game’s lead designer, David Vonderhaar, has been sitting back and watching everything that has happened with COD in recent years. Black Ops 4 didn’t waste any time on single player, it focuses on what players care about: multiplayer gameplay.


With the introduction of an incredibly smooth battle royale game mode, ‘Blackout’, a completely overhauled Zombies mode, and traditional Call of Duty multiplayer modes, it seems like this game is going to give us everything that we’ve been asking for and more.


This is a definite purchase and it will provide you with countless hours of fun value.


October 26 – Red Dead Redemption 2


If you’ve ever played Red Dead Redemption it shouldn’t take much to convince you to buy its sequel. If you’ve never played Red Dead Redemption then I’d recommend that you go purchase it on the Xbox Marketplace before its sequel comes out.


Red Dead Redemption is an action-adventure game that takes place in the Wild Wild West. The game follows John Marston; a former outlaw whose family is taken hostage by the government to force him into bringing members of his old gang to justice.


Redemption was way ahead of its 2010 release date, taking place in an open world environment and utilizing a morality meter that affected in-game interactions. It’s the second game in the Red Dead series and the one that gave the franchise its notoriety.


Red Dead Redemption won multiple Game of the Year awards the year it was released and if you’ve played it, the reasons why it’s an automatic pick-up should speak for themselves.


November 14 – Fallout 76


The infamous Fallout series is known for its role-playing, action-adventure, and decision-based gameplay that takes place in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. Fallout 76 is the newest installment of the franchise and will take place 25 years after a nuclear strike, making it the earliest game to date.


76 will feature a map that is much larger than any previous Fallout game to make room for the addition of its new online multiplayer feature. Players will be able to roam the Fallout universe with friends and fight against hordes of radioactive beasts or compete to drop nukes on one another using their in-game loot.


I trust that Bethesda will impress us, as they always do, with the newest Fallout title and it should definitely be a game you play throughout the holidays.



November 20 – Battlefield V


Battlefield is one of those games that you either love or hate. It’s a unique first-person shooter that uses enormous maps to implement vehicles, weaponry, and game types that no other shooter can. Depending on the class you choose each match can be as fast-paced as Call of Duty or as slow as PUBG, no offense Blue Balls.


Dice has put in the effort to improve on the mistakes they’ve made each year and the small adjustments go a long way. The Recon class is now the only setup that can mark enemy players, the Support class can now drop teammates ammo packs, and Medics can now drop first-aid kits for later.


Battlefield V looks absolutely stunning. Its graphics are unbelievable, its gameplay is very Battlefield-esque, and there’s a brand new battle royale mode called Firestorm. If you’ve never taken the chance on a Battlefield title, this is the one to leap on. There’s nothing quite like dropping into a war zone and shooting someone out of a moving airplane.



December 7 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Super Smash Bros. is a cultural classic that takes gaming icons from across the digital world and pits them against each other in the “ultimate showdown.”


Nintendo knows how much its fan base loves Smash and isn’t messing around with the latest installment. As of today (September 26, 2018) there have been 68 confirmed characters on Ultimate’s roster. No character from previous titles is being left behind and they’ve already added a bunch of newcomers to the mix.


Ultimate is going to be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch platform, which is another thing to add to the Christmas wish list. On the bright side, Ultimate being on the Switch means that you’ll be able to face off against anyone, anywhere, something that was impossible in previous iterations of the game.


A new platform means an entirely new dimension to Smash Bros. Logging on and queuing up against someone from across the globe to fight with sounds incredible and makes this game another easy purchase.





Photo Credit: Call of Duty, GameRant, Bethesda, TechSpot, Nintendo


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