Top 5 Things To Look Forward To In MW2 On Xbox One

Girlfriends around the world, say goodbye to your man for the next couple of weeks. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is officially backward compatible on the Xbox One, which means that anyone who owns a copy of the game can now hop into the mix on his or her next-gen console.


We all thought that we’d have to wait for MW2 Remastered to be released later in the year before we could start dropping nukes, but I don’t think anyone’s complaining.



According to Xbox’s Major Nelson, every account’s multiplayer statistics, unlockables, and downloadable content will stay intact on the Xbox One. Nelson also mentioned that if a player’s account was banned on the Xbox 360 that it would remain banned.


If for whatever reason, you don’t already have a copy of MW2, the game is on sale on the Xbox Marketplace for $19.99 USD and $14.99 for Xbox Live Gold Members.


In honor of the classic Call of Duty title’s return, here are the top five things I remember about MW2.


  1. One Man Army Noob Tubes


This perk was one of the most infuriating things from any game that I’ve ever played. One Man Army took away your secondary weapon slot but allowed you to switch to any one of your other classes as if you had just respawned, including the same One Man Army class. This exploit allowed players to have an infinite amount of ammo for their first gun and an endless number of grenades and flashbangs. This led to players equipping the grenade launcher attachment to their primary weapon, using the Danger Close perk, which for some reason wasn’t in the same slot as One Man Army and gave explosives more power, and spamming them like no tomorrow. This strategy was invented by an old school Youtube commentator named ‘WingsofRedemption’ and spread across the game like a virus. It was eventually coined, ‘OMA noob tubing’ because of how easy it was to pull off and how annoying it was to play against.


  1. The Maps



MW2’s maps were as close to perfect as a multiplayer shooter game is going to get. There was an array of map sizes that gave every type of weapon a chance to shine. Close quarters maps like Terminal and Favela made avoiding a fight impossible. With every turn of a corner came another gunfight that you had to win. There were few areas on the map for stationary players to take advantage of and it was nonstop action. Medium sized maps like Highrise and Karachi let assault and sniper rifles do their job a little bit more and allowed for a more strategically inclined approach to racking up kills. Giant maps like Wasteland are where you’d go to try for huge killstreaks and a slower paced game. Every one of them was unique and few were automatic vetoes.


  1. Private Game 1v1s



If you had a beef with someone as a 13-year-old, you wouldn’t duke it out with your fists, that’s just dangerously irresponsible. You’d invite all of your friends to spectate your one-on-one sniper battle on Rust and reap the rewards for being the better player. In MW2’s prime, it got to a point where any trash talk was immediately interpreted as a challenge to a 1v1 on Rust with sniper rifles. Players would put ‘1v1’ in their clan tags when they joined lobbies and wait for the invites to roll in. These games were intense, nerve-wracking, and a ton of fun.


  1. Kill Streaks


There have never been killstreaks in a shooter as satisfying as those in MW2. For a casual player who didn’t expect to get many kills between deaths, there was the UAV, Care Package, Predator missile setup that provided everything killstreaks should for three, four, and five kills respectively. For more advanced players who were looking to stomp the enemy team into submission, there was the predator missile, harrier strike, AC130 or Chopper Gunner loadout. Once you got to five kills the Predator Missile usually got you to your Harrier Strike, which almost always got you the four additional kills needed for an AC130. The AC130 is my all time favorite multiplayer kill streak as it transports you miles up into the sky and lets you reign fire down upon the enemy team. Then there was the tactical nuke; quite literally a game changer. When equipped, if a player was able to rally a 25 kill streak in a single life the game ended with a press of a button. Nothing was more satisfying than getting that 25th kill, flipping the switch and hearing the countdown begin. The giant explosion and radiation wave that exterminated everyone on the map was an added bonus.


  1. Sniping


I’m not sure how Call of Duty’s developers managed it, but they perfected the sniper rifle in MW2. Many players saw it as an overpowered weapon because of the one-shot kill potential and unrealistic run-and-gun play style it unlocked for those who mastered ‘quickscoping’. However, running around with the bolt-action Intervention rifle is exactly how sniping in a shooter game should be. It took a high level of skill to pull off and in almost every situation the player who was running around the map ‘quickscoping’ was at a disadvantage, but it was so much fun when it worked. The allure of this style of play was so incredible that every teenage boy wanted to become a sniping pro. Guys started making ‘clans’ and posting videos of their coolest sniper kills. I’m not sure if many people know this anymore but all of those famous FaZe Clan YouTubers who post vlogs every day originated as MW2 players. They were the biggest sniping clan during the game’s prime and used the fame to establish their current success. Anyway, if there’s one thing that I’m looking forward to experiencing again when I download the game, it’s hearing the sweet, sweet sound of the Intervention crackling its one-shot kills across the map.



So those are the top five things that I remember from the countless hours I poured into MW2. I’m thoroughly excited to download and play the game and I hope that every fan of current shooters gets a chance to play the legendary title.




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