Fortnite Version 5.20 Patch Notes Breakdown – Double Barrel Shotgun!

Epic Games patches Fortnite: Battle Royale so often that even the most dedicated players can find themselves lost in the flurry of changes. Don’t sweat it; the Metahumans team has got you covered. Here’s a breakdown of all the things you need to know about Fortnite patch 5.20.


There’s never a shortage of gun additions to the world’s favorite battle royale and Epic is following suit in this patch. The games’ newest weapon will be the Double Barrel Shotgun, available as an epic and legendary pick-up. As you’d assume, the shotgun will be deadly at point-blank range, dealing 143 damage in its epic form and 150 as a legendary. However, its damage will drop off heavily the further away the target is and you’ll have to reload after two shots.



To make the Double Barrel a little less annoying Epic is implementing a reduced critical damage multiplier (1.25x) and a two-second cooldown timer after switching weapons. We’ll see how the newest shotgun stacks up against the onslaught of submachine gun users, but my guess is it won’t be great.


We won’t see the Heavy Sniper Rifle this patch but Vending Machines are getting a much-needed overhaul. They’ll be spawning more often, cost fewer materials, and there will be a better chance to see the epic and legendary variants. 375 wood for a Chug Jug or Gold Scar? I’ll take it.


Explosives are always annoying to play against, C4 in particular, so let’s keep the nerfs coming Epic. Remote Explosives will now come in packages of three instead of four and you’ll only be able to hold six total. Hallelujah.


As far as gameplay goes the only significant change is the interaction between shooting and crouching. Now when a player crouches or un-crouches the weapon’s fire position will more closely follow where the player is at the time the trigger is pulled.


If anyone was excited for any of the leaked game modes from last week, you’re going to be disappointed. We are, however, getting a brand new mode that no one saw coming and it looks extremely fun. It’s called Steady Storm and will feature a Storm that will begin to close from the minute the game starts. There are no safe zones and the first circle is the last circle so vehicles will be highly valued. Imagine having to fight 99 other players as you frantically try to escape a Storm that isn’t going to stop nipping at your heels. I can already feel my blood pressure rising.



Playground mode is also making its return this patch with a few improvements based on reports from the first time around. Epic added a ‘fill/no fill option’ to the game mode selector and chest and floor loot only spawn one weapon at a time.


For anyone not familiar with Playground mode it’s basically Fortnite minus the horde of players attempting to kill you. It allows you to drop into the Battle Royale map alone or with friends for one hour. Once you’re in, you can build crazy structures, practice your skills by fighting against your friends or explore parts of the map you’ve never seen.


Outside of that, you can look forward to a new user interface addition that displays any types of moves you pull off while driving a Shopping Cart or ATK and assigns points based on the difficulty of the stunt. Who knows what those points can be used for, but it’s a neat little addition to the game.



To check out everything Epic did this update you can read up on 5.20’s patch notes by clicking here.



Photo Credit: Epic Games, FantasticalGamer, Doom BigFultz

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