Latest Leaked Fortnite Content! New Heavy Sniper & Game Modes

Epic Games does a great job on Fortnite, but whoever’s in charge of keeping their new content under wraps needs a stern talking to.


Data miners have had unusual amounts of success unearthing content in Epic’s upcoming Fortnite patches including new guns and a few limited time game modes. It’s not a guarantee that everything they find will make its way onto live servers, but they’ve been pretty accurate in the past.


Sniper enthusiasts should be excited for the newest gun leak, which is a Heavy Sniper Rifle. The legendary rifle will be bolt-action with an extremely slow reload. It will also have the ability to shoot players through the first wall it hits and does 157 damage to the body, making it the most powerful weapon in the game.


Looks like players who sit in their one-by-one bases won’t be safe anymore. Just listen to that ‘boom’. Better luck next game campers.


The other leaked guns are more of returns than additions. The Explosive Crossbow is basically the crossbow of old but comes with an explosive tip, which hopefully gives it more viability in game. I can already hear Daequan hitting ’em with that “MUAH.”


Epic is also bringing one of the more annoying guns, the Guided Missile, back into the mix. Thankfully with the addition of explosives being capped at 12 rockets at a time and a bunch of nerfs to mobility, duration, and damage, the Guided Missile will be used as more of a recon tool than anything.


Data miners also found three new limited time game modes called Fly Explosives, Last Five Standing, and Fortnite mode. Fly explosives is a game mode that has already been released on the Chinese Fortnite servers and combines the¬†power of the jetpack and every explosive weapon available. I wasn’t a big fan of the season 3’s limited time mode, High Explosives, and I hated the jetpack but flying around blowing people up sounds pretty fun.


Last Five Standing is a timed game mode that gives players twenty minutes to survive. When the clock strikes zero the last five players on the map will be victorious. This sounds like paradise for players who aren’t fond of fighting and enjoy landing at Wailing Woods. Total potato fest.


The last leaked game mode, Fortnite mode, describes the regular game mode so data miners aren’t sure if Epic just added a description that it forgot to do before or if this is entirely new. Either way, it’s exciting to think about.


Outside of new game modes and weaponry, Epic is releasing four new skin sets. The themes are lifeguarding, scuba diving, street racing, and modern military.


Content and information found by data miners is never guaranteed, so we’ll have to wait for Fortnite’s next patch to confirm what’s real and what’s not, but one thing’s for sure, I can’t wait for that Heavy Sniper Rifle.

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