Rainbow Six Siege Targeting Toxicity

Ubisoft is doing its part to wipe out the toxicity that’s been thriving in its multiplayer servers. “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s” game developer started handing out temporary bans to players caught using any form of hate speech.


The game’s new banning system went live two weeks ago, according to PC Gamer. If a player is found guilty of using a term deemed offensive his or her account will be issued a 30-minute ban.


While a player’s account is banned he or she is unable to play any part of the game, including multiplayer and custom games. If a player is found guilty of using hate speech for a second or third time their account will be banned for two hours respectively.


When a player is caught using hate speech a fourth time Ubisoft launches an investigation into the person’s account to decide whether or not a permanent ban should be issued.


Ubisoft’s official code of conduct does not allow players to use, “any language or content deemed illegal, dangerous, threatening, abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, racist, sexist, ethically offensive, or constituting harassment.”


Most multiplayer video games have issues with keeping the communication between players friendly. Trash talk is a healthy part of competition, but there’s a difference between banter and hate speech.


Online video game matches provide the ultimate environment for people to abuse the power of free speech. When you take a person, expose them to the infuriating feeling of losing and give them a form of communication with the person beating them with no risk of physical consequences, there’s inevitably a thin line between free speech and hate speech.


Freedom of speech is truly an amazing thing. It can empower people and give a voice to those who otherwise would not have the opportunity. It can also prove to be a double-edged sword and there are those who frequently abuse the privilege.


Don’t get me wrong, I believe that hate speech shouldn’t be a thing in the 21st century. It’s a vile and unruly form of communication. But allowing everyone online to be anonymous makes people more inclined to say things they would never dream of saying to a person’s face.


Some of the players who are receiving bans are claiming that all of this censorship is making the gaming community soft and weak. Some are upset that Ubisoft is choosing to prioritize toxicity over gameplay changes.


But hate speech and terms that do not follow Ubisoft’s code of conduct should never be acceptable. They are merely tolerated because people who take a stand aren’t taken seriously.


When I saw that players were getting banned for using racial slurs I, like most others in the community, was ecstatic. It’s been far too long since gaming companies took a stand against letting toxic language go on without repercussion. If those repercussions are in the form of a ban, then so be it.


It’s great to see that a major company like Ubisoft is taking a proactive step towards improving the online community. I get it, the internet is filled with all sorts of people, but that’s no excuse for bad manners, especially of this magnitude. I stand with Ubisoft’s decision to start banning individuals who do not comply, as they have every right to enforce the morals they value


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