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Black Ops 4: Time to reinvest

If you’re anything like me then you’ve spent countless hours playing Call of Duty. You’ve either prestiged numerous times, managed to join the “I nuked the map” club, or simply killed legions of the undead.


But at what point did you begin to mentally check out? You can only play Call of Duty for so many hours before you start exploring other options. Before I get ahead of myself, Call of Duty fans have one thing in common. We LOVE the arcade shooter. Who cares about realistic bullet drop? I would take unlimited sprinting over listening to my soldier’s panting any day.


So why reinvest in Call of Duty? For once, a Call of Duty developer is listening to what we’ve wanted for so many years. Black Ops 4 is ditching the single player and focusing on a myriad of multiplayer content instead. Hallelujah! Zombies, zombies, zombies and a brand-new mode known as Blackout! Also known as Call of Duty’s version of the popular “battle royale” style FPS.



Black Ops 4 will have three total Zombie modes. Just like in any other Black Ops game, the Zombies mode will have its own story set in its own universe. You choose one of four characters to play as alone, or with friends (local or online).

Another feature is the ability to play online, alone, with bots as teammates. If you ever felt like the difficulty of surviving the zombie apocalypse made it impossible to discover all the cool Easter eggs and secrets zombies is known for, you can now play on easier settings.


More Zombies

The first of the new zombies game modes is called IX. All we know is what we can gather from the trailer, which depicts our four new heroes in gladiator style armor inside of a coliseum.

Zombies immediately rush our heroes who fight them to the death. Upon clearing a wave a larger, more menacing, heavily limbed Frankenstein of a zombie is unleashed. Zombie mode has had mini-boss battles to break up the monotonous slaughter since Der Riese, but this addition looks like a breath of fresh air.

Voyage of Despair is the second new mode, where you fight wave after wave of the zombie horde, this time on top of the Titanic! Talk about historical settings. Each zombie mode has its own trailer and the Voyage of Despair’s short cinematic explains that our heroes are on the Titanic as part of a heist. The precious loot is a mirror.


The mirror is apparently the key to transforming everyone into zombies, which explains a lot. Now that the mirror the crew wanted to steal has turned everyone into human eaters, you have no choice but to survive. Hopefully, the Titanic doesn’t sink, or perhaps it will and that can add to the gameplay.


The last of the new zombie modes is called Blood of the Dead. The teaser trailer literally teases you, which means we can only speculate as to what it entails. Fans of Black Ops will most likely hypothesize that this mode will be similar to Black Ops 2’s Mob of the Dead mode. Either way, it adds to the content.



Call of Duty is officially making its own battle royale mode! Treyarch must have noticed that PUBG and Fortnite have stolen most of the first person shooter thunder.

The map will be the biggest the series has made to date, boasting 15,000 times the size of a traditional COD map. Treyarch has said that it will include land, sea, and air vehicles, which will all be pilotable.


After watching the trailer we learn that it will be more of a celebration of Call of Duty’s 15 years of history than anything. Vehicles and elements from all of the Call of Duty games will be featured in this mode. 

This time around the variety of online content is huge and the entire focus is geared towards online multiplayer. In the past, Call of Duty’s developers have had to spend a large portion of their time writing and creating a single player story mode. Now that they’ve realized that no one cares about that garbage and have focused entirely on the fast-paced, run-and-gun, multiplayer side of things I believe that Call of Duty is back.


Photo Credit: Forbes

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