Ant-Man And The Wasp Is All The Buzz

For everyone who ever doubted Ant-Man, you probably doubted Ant-Man and The Wasp as well. Hasn’t the novelty of shrinking already lost its cool factor? I mean, how many more movies can you really make about the use of Pym Particles?


What about the opposite of shrinking? No, we saw that in Captain America Civil War. Speaking of which, how does this movie tie into the current Marvel Cinematic Universe? The good news is that the film does all of the above and reignites your excitement for Avengers 4.


The underdog of the MCU proves himself once again and this time, with a partner; not a sidekick! Ant-Man and The Wasp is a fun joy ride that keeps things fresh while expanding on Hank Pym’s legacy (Pym Particles and the Quantum Realm).


New Quantum Science

Right off the bat, we are introduced to Janet Van Dyne, the mother of Hope Van Dyne, in a dream through Scott Lang’s mind. You see, when Scott went into the Quantum Realm he connected with Janet through Quantum Entanglement.


How does that work? Well, Janet sends a message to Scott and right around the time Marvel needed a movie in between Infinity War and Captain Marvel, Scott conveniently– I mean finally- gets the message through a dream.

This is just the tip of the Quantum Iceberg because Janet can also slow down Ava’s (Ghost) molecular disintegration. How is this possible? No Idea, but it doesn’t end there. At the end of the movie, Scott goes back to the Quantum realm in order to retrieve Quantum Healing Particles. How do they work? I still have no clue.


Let’s not forget Sonny Burch’s (The black-market broker) two-cents on how Quantum Science would be the future of energy and more. Whatever comes after this, it’ll blow the top off of time travel, space, and all manner of hi-tech hero suits.


It’s not just people that change their size

Remember watching that Thomas the Train toy set to break through the second story of Scott’s home in the first Ant-Man? Well, we get to see a giant Hello Kitty Pez dispenser get thrown out of the back of a speeding car and absolutely smash a motorcyclist in pursuit.

Hank has a Hot Wheels case full of real-life vehicles shrunk to toy size! I’m sorry; did your first van get totaled? Well, grab another! Just don’t forget the switch. Hank shrinks his own laboratory down and wheels it around like luggage, only for it to get stolen. They steal it back, however, but they can’t restore it its normal size without the controller. There’s always a catch.



Ava, or Ghost, has the power to phase. This means she can rearrange her molecules and atoms so they can easily go through objects. Not only can she walk through walls, but she can also peak her head over to take a look at the other side while keeping the rest of her body solid.

This leads to some pretty cool fight scenes. Whenever Ant-Man and The Wasp think they have the jump on her and try to hit her from a blind spot, Ghost lets her body phase so each punch and kick simply go through her.


Did I mention Ghost can turn invisible? She literally ghosts our heroes and disappears! She even remains hidden during an interrogation scene until she learns the whereabouts of Hank and Hope, then BOOM! She scares the bejesus out of poor Louis and his Ex-Con team.


These powers cause Ghost extreme pain as her molecules are constantly being ripped apart and being put back together. This might explain why she is so desperate to steal the Quantum Energy from Janet while she’s in the Quantum Realm even if it might kill her.


Civil War Consequences

Well what do you know, not everyone gets a team of outlaws to follow you underground while you continue to break the law (Captain America). No, not Scott; he gets put under house arrest on the condition that he doesn’t work with any of his past associates.

On the bright side, he gets to see his oh so precious and adorable daughter, Cassie. Isn’t that what being a hero is all about? Scott may be okay with spending a few years on house arrest followed by more on probation, but Hank and Hope feel otherwise.


Once they learn about Scott’s message from Janet, they kidnap him and replace him with an ant. Crude, but it works.


Scott has three days left of his sentence when he’s broken out and it really adds tension to the movie. Throughout every delay and obstacle, you feel a greater sense of urgency waiting for Scott to make it home in time for his final inspection.

Let’s not forget that when Scott did follow Captain America, he did so without asking Hank for permission to use the Ant-Man suit. Now, in the aftermath, Hank Pym and his daughter Hope are wanted by the United States Government for their involvement with renegade superheroes.


This forced Hank and Hope into hiding and made their quest to build a Quantum Tunnel to the Quantum Realm much more troublesome. Now they have to go through the black market to get the parts they need. All this because of little ‘ol Scott.


The Wasp

Evangeline Lilly (Hope) is back and this time, she has wings and blasters. With the fallout from Scott and the Pym family, Hank puts his daughter to work.


Hope becomes the new Wasp, so by the time Scott teams up with her she already has experience in shrinking, blasting, and flying. This is great because the movie doesn’t need to waste time on any sort of explanation of The Wasp’s mastery of Pym Particles.

Hope is still in love with Scott and even mentions that if he had asked her for help, she would have been there for him during the events of Civil War. She also adds, “You wouldn’t have got caught.”


The playful banter between Hope and Scott is fun to watch. While bitter at first, Hope begins warming up to Scott while reminiscing about the past and how at one point they were dating, fighting crime, and “You know, other stuffing.”


It all comes to a head when Hope and Scott are watching a drive-in style movie with Scott’s daughter Cassie. Cassie wants to be Scott’s partner but explains to Hope that, “He wants you.” I’m a sucker for tearjerkers so I had to hold back a big sigh in awe of the cuteness.


Hope and Scott end on a happy note! Is there anything else you could ask for?


The Greater MCU, specifically, Avengers 4

If you wait for the first set of credits to pass by with their toy set photo stills, you will be treated to what just might be my favorite post-credit scene of the MCU.


Hank Pym has successfully made a smaller Quantum Tunnel, so much so that it fits in the back of a van. The plan? Send Scott to the Quantum Realm to retrieve Quantum Healing Particles so they can save Ghost from becoming a… ghost.

Once Scott makes it down there, he activates a storage/capture device of sorts. It sucks up all of the healing particles it can, he shuts it off, then radios the team to bring him back.


Dust. Black sand twirling about in the wind. No Hank, Janet, or Hope. Just Scott’s voice over and over again on speaker. “Very funny guys!”


In case you did not watch Avengers Infinity War, spoiler alert, Thanos wiped out half of all life in the known universe with the snap of his fingers. His fingers were in the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet of course, which was adorned with all six of the Infinity Stones.


And now, by chance, Scott was left alive while the rest of the Ant-Man team were taken. Did Scott survive by chance? Did being in the Quantum Realm affect his odds? How will he get back?

That scene almost makes you forget about Ant-Man and The Wasp completely while you can’t help but theorize what will happen in the next Avenger’s movie.


Ant-Man and The Wasp delivers what a sequel should be without falling flat. The humor is perfectly timed and may have the best context of any MCU movie to date. Quantum Science has infinite potential, which leaves you excited for its ramifications throughout the MCU. Most importantly, we have a new member to join the ranks of remaining Avengers; or perhaps not because Hope was taken by the whole Thanos thing. Either way, you will walk out of this movie happy, giddy, and full of anticipation for Avengers 4. More like hungry for any Marvel movie really. Ant-Man and The Wasp gets an 8.5/10.



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