How We Would ‘Remake The Last Jedi’

I can go on and on about what was wrong with Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, but I’m just going to keep things simple. You see, I don’t like what Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson have done with the Star Wars saga and I’m not alone.


A campaign to completely remake the latest Star Wars installment has spread across social media like force lightning. The group behind the effort, Remake The Last Jedi, claims to have a plan to “not make one half of the fandom happy over the other,” and says that its campaign will, “provide Disney an opportunity to course correct with the Star Wars franchise.”


Remake The Last Jedi also claims that their independent team of producers is willing to front the cost of the reproduction. The original film cost over $200 million, so unless these guys have a shipload of coaxium they’re not telling us about, that seems unlikely.

Despite its outrageous claims, the group’s Twitter account has garnered tens of thousands of favorites and retweets, including replies from influential people such as a skeptical Seth Rogan and sarcastic Rian Johnson.


The recent rumors of displeasure between Disney CEO Bob Iger and Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy about the terrible box office performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story only add fuel to the campaign’s fire.


I’ll admit that there are two sides to every story. As a fan that read the novels, and collected the comic books, and even thoroughly enjoyed Solo, I’m not sure if I would want an independent remake of a Star Wars movie.


However, if it were to happen, here’s what I would want out of the eighth canon installment of the beloved franchise.


End of the Jedi Order, or rise of the Gray Jedi?


“The Jedi were romanticized. If you look at their legacy, you’ll see it’s a failure.” – Luke Skywalker


When Luke speaks to Rey about his newly found epiphanies in the way of the Jedi, he explains that it’s always Jedi who turn to the dark side and wreak havoc on the galaxy. He cites Darth Sidious and Vader as prime examples.

The Sith often turned Jedi, such as Anakin Skywalker, to the Dark Side


How about instead of doing away with the Jedi Order completely, the franchise introduce the Gray Jedi? In the books and comics Gray Jedi were described as force users who walked the line between good and bad; between the Light and Dark Sides of the force.


“Let the past die.”


Kylo Ren makes the line infamous when he begs Rey to join him in abandoning the fight between the First Order and Resistance. Ending the struggle for power between Jedi and Sith is the way Johnson chose to give Star Wars a fresh perspective and invigorate the franchise for a new generation of fans, but Luke burning the last remaining Sacred Jedi Texts while Yoda cackles with approval just didn’t feel right.


Kylo attempts to sway Rey to join him throughout the film


A scenario that could have ailed the complete erasure of the Jedi and Sith would have been to lead one of the main characters down the path of becoming a Gray Jedi. Perhaps Kylo, confused by his emotional ties to Rey, could become a Gray Jedi, while Rey could continue her ascension to Master Jedi.


The Last Jedi introduces the character DJ, short for Don’t Join. He convinces Finn and Rose that he can help them hack the Star Destroyer tracking the resistance and help them escape. The whole way DJ preaches the philosophy, “don’t join, live free.” In the end, he turns on our heroes simply stating, “They blow you up today, you blow them up tomorrow.”


Instead of relying on a random character with a one-time movie appearance to introduce the GRAY area between right and wrong, our Gray Jedi could fulfill that theme. That character could play a bigger role as time passed and lead the transition away from the Jedi Council.


Who are the Knights of Ren?

Before any talk of the end of Jedi we had practically forgotten who our main Star Wars villains were. Throughout Episode VII and VIII there was little to no mention of the Sith.


The Sith, you know, the traditional villains for like, six movies, two seasons of the Clone Wars animated series, and multiple video games? Vader, Maul, Sidious, Dooku? Those guys worked! They were sinister, mysterious, and unfathomably powerful.


Star Wars NEEDS the Sith! Credit: TheNerdist


What’d we get in the latest two installments? Kylo Ren who loses a duel to Rey wielding a lightsaber for the first time and his master who dies without doing anything substantial. We all wanted some of that, “POWER, UNLIMITED POWER,” feel out of the big bads in these movies, but what Johnson gave us was weak sauce.


An adequate analogy is the removal of the Sith from Star Wars being akin to removing the Joker from Batman.


So you do away with the Sith and give us the new nefarious group, The Knights of Ren. Practically all we know about these guys is that Kylo broke away from his training with them and went all dark side Anakin on the padawan Luke was training. Now they’re where exactly? Spooky stuff.


One of the most exciting parts of The Force Awakens was seeing Kylo Ren’s team of evil


What is their motive? What are their codes of conduct? Even the bad guys need their operations intact if they are to rule the galaxy. All The Last Jedi told us was that they’re a group of evil force users who are led by Kylo Ren and answered to Supreme Leader Snoke. Emphasis on the past tense ‘answered’ thanks to Kylo. Insert light saber slicing someone in half sound here.


Who was Supreme Leader Snoke?

After the fall of Darth Vader, the Sith were no more. In their place, rose a dark side force user: the all-powerful, giant hologram, deformed head looking, SUPREME LEADER SNOKE.


What a creepy dude  Photo Credit: Bustle


Snoke became the head of the First Order and began the Knights of Ren. His sole purpose was to-


And he’s gone. Just like that. No answers as to his superior motives, no explanation for his rise to power, nothing! Now we’re left with Kylo Ren, the new leader of the Knights of Ren and assumed leader of The First Order.


You’re telling me that the group responsible for perpetuating the Dark Side and spreading its cancerous plague throughout the galaxy had their founder/leader erased from the Star Wars Canon in the same episode he finally got screen time. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Emperor Palpatine was in six movies. Six movies! That’s how long it took to build his character and his place and meaning in the Star Wars mythos. Snoke had that kind of character potential but one can only assume that Johnson needed some way to immediately push Kylo into main bad guy role position.


All I have to say about this is that we need a big bad force to be reckoned with. See what I did there? We need someone who will not only strike fear into moviegoers but who will keep them captivated and coming back for more movies! So far, Kylo’s wishy-washy, good-guy, bad-guy character arch doesn’t cut it.


Stop giving away the force like it’s candy

Princess Leia was always so noble in her fight for The Resistance. Despite the absurd amount of force-power in her family, she was a normal person just like everyone else and proved that we do not need powers to- and she uses the force.


Let’s talk about Rey. While she was definitely born force-sensitive, she had quite a jump in her mastery. Luke is shaken by Rey’s immense power and natural force ability, but she mastered a ton of tricks and abilities in a very short time span. Not to mention her near-instant mastery of lightsaber dueling.


Rey’s mastery of the lightsaber in one film is questionable


Sure, Luke learned how to master the force in two movies, but he was on Dagobah training under Master Yoda! Rey had practically no training and was pretty much ignored by Luke during her would-be time training. Yet she happens to learn how to use force mind tricks, a very powerful force push, among other force powers.


Kylo should’ve been no match for Luke


Then there’s Kylo Ren being strong enough to take on Luke…the Luke Skywalker, the one who was sired by Anakin Skywalker, the chosen one. There’s a pattern of things not making sense here.


I’m okay with Storm Troopers never hitting their targets, droids being able to miraculously fix x-wing fighters in space, and even jumping to light speed from being in park, but the force does not grow on trees! We can’t just give it away like it’s cheap! All this talk of ending the Jedi is pointless if we’re giving everyone and their mama’s force powers anyway.


Let’s Wrap This Up

What’s Chewbacca without Han Solo? What is Star Wars without the Jedi or Sith? What’s Rey without an origin story?


Chewbacca has become a background character. What’s the last heroic thing he’s accomplished? Oh yeah, he adopted a Porg. Right…


The force has no standard for comparison. Can everyone use the force now? What happens if you use it? Can you master it? Not the way the Jedi did because… they’re gone now.


Who are the bad guys? The Knights of Ren? Oh right, those guys. They totally rule the galaxy and do bad guy stuff, or something, I guess.



Rey is…a nobody? So you mean to tell me, that her parents aren’t important to the overall story of Star Wars? She’s the new leader of The Resistance and has no backstory and is all of a sudden a master force user. Great. Disney bought Star Wars for 4 billion and can’t even milk it properly.


There you have it. If there were a remake of The Last Jedi my advice to Disney would be to address the plot holes that make no sense and explain what the heck is going on.


Realistically Disney will never give up it’s rights to this lucrative IP, but it might just meet the fans halfway if there are continued requests for its writers and producers to get their collective shit together.


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