Avengers: Infinity War, an Event of Epic Proportions!

I clearly remember the day Netflix came into the world. I even vividly recall where I was when Obama became the first African American president. Now, I’ll never forget the time I watched Avengers: Infinity War.

There are a few moments that can be labelled as “unforgettable” and Avengers: Infinity War is easily one of those moments. Before we begin, heavy spoilers are in effect, although this entry is mainly what the title suggests…what made Infinity War an event of EPIC proportions and the feelings leading up to and after this momentous occasion…that said, you have been forewarned.

As I scroll through my Facebook feed, Instagram Stories and SnapChats, the underlining reaction remains the same about Avengers: Infinity War – the movie left people in shock and many never saw it coming (so long as you weren’t spoiled). However, to really understand what made this movie so great, we have to go back to the beginning.

Infinity War: Did it Begin 6 Years Ago? Or 26 Years Ago?

Two weeks prior to the movie’s release, I tried to get tickets for a preview screening from iHeart Radio. The only problem was for some reason Disney doesn’t do Marvel movie previews in Hawaii. Don’t ask, because I’m not sure why.

Upon finding out there was no preview event, I decided to continue with the best course of action – purchasing tickets in advance. Fortunately or unfortunately, there were 6 in our group and we split up into pairs.

I made sure to get the earliest screening possible at 7 pm on Thursday to grab any seats available.

This would hopefully retain the freshness factor of seeing the movie without ruining the overall storyline.

-26 Years Ago-

In 1992, we were blessed with the release of the Infinity Gauntlet comic book series and the famous phrase, “Thanos is COMING!” by Silver Surfer.

We’ve Been Here Before – Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet

I read the Infinity Gauntlet comic book series when I was in high school. It was a series I put my hard earned money from my parents to buy and although as a kid I didn’t particularly enjoy reading, I read through this series faster than any Harry Potter book.

The moment from the infamous snap, to Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer plotting with Dr.Strange to snatch the gauntlet. Those memories were all there.

That was the first time I heard his name.

-6 Years Ago-

The second appearance of Thanos was in the MCU and it came to my attention May 4, 2012.

You see, we know how this begins and how it ends. The route Marvel chooses to take is left up to Anthony & Joe Russo, directors of the untitled Avengers 4 movie.

If you can imagine, I have been waiting nearly 26 years of my life for this moment. So I bring you back to…

-Thursday Night @ 7 PM HST (Release Night)-

It is packed AF and there are lines everywhere for food, for tickets, for Fandango redemption and even to get seats. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, I literally allowed my office to work from home because of this event. The adrenaline swells and a moment that myself and millions of others have been waiting for, for 6 years (myself for 26) has finally arrived.

-2 hours and 40 minutes later-

Speechless and slightly in tears. The movie was “incredible”, “unforgettable” and delivered on so many levels. It was hard to contain the discussion shortly following the movie not realizing that people after us have yet to see the movie…that’s why you go to the first showing people!

However, I really have to remember that when seeing a MOVIE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS, that it is best to contain all the spoilers and not talk about people dying as the proceeding screening enters their theatres.

-Friday Night (Watching Avengers: Infinity War Again)-

The second time around, I was more emotionally and mentally prepared. An additional benefit to watching the movie a second time is you get to focus on scenes you may have missed while wiping your teary eyes.

Not only that, you get to see everyone else’s reactions as if going back in time to when you were in their seat experiencing it for the very first time. After all was said and done, Avengers: Infinity War clocked in at $257,698,183 (according to Box Office Mojo) the end of its opening weekend holding the record for the biggest opening weekend of all-time narrowly beating Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Source:  Box Office Mojo

What Happens Next?

You theory craft, watch bloopers and interviews, anything you can get your hands on in order to keep connecting and stay out of the void that was left behind.

Don’t get me wrong.   The movie was great and the ending unbelievable.  However, as most Marvel fans can attest, the movie left a gaping hole with reactions such as:

From here, we gain the satisfaction of Avengers: Infinity War breaking box office numbers and doing our best to relive the moments through articles, interviews with the cast and old comic books at every corner.

In the end, what really makes Avengers: Infinity War an event of epic proportions is what it meant to so many people.  It brought back the excitement of wanting to stand in line to watch a movie.  An event touted as the largest crossover event with the weaving of 15+ heroes (and different storylines) coming together to face one overwhelming foe and to everyone’s surprise, they lost and then people died.

The moment when we get closer to the next phase in the MCU (only 2 films remain until the next Avengers movie and perhaps the final) and ending of Phase 3.

Therein bes the question, where will you be on May 2019?


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