Avengers Infinity War Explained

Time to process

Now that you’ve had a few days to process what just happened… Let’s go over what just happened. Not only did half of our favorite super heroes disappear, but many questions were left unanswered. Even if certain loose ends were tied up during the movie, there is a good chance you may have missed their explanations. Here I will break down several key things that you might not even know you missed or have been pondering this whole time.


Where are Antman and Hawkeye?

Sure, Black Widow gives a brief explanation as to Scott Lang’s (Antman) and Clint Barton’s (Hawkeye) whereabouts. But most of us were just trying to keep up with the pace of the movie. We had just been introduced to Captain America who last we knew was a fugitive (Civil War) along with his whole team of underground vigilantes. This would include Black Widow and Falcon. I don’t know about you, but I was still trying to think about where they had been and how they knew to find Scarlet Witch and Vision. To summarize, Antman had taken a plea deal. He had a daughter remember? In order to stay with his daughter, he agreed to be put on house arrest. Ankle monitor and everything. Hawkeye on the other had had two children and an expecting wife. They have a home tucked away on a farm (Age of Ultron) somewhere where Hawkeye does his duty and obeys the law. Under house arrest that is. Before you start asking why they don’t just break free, well remember that unlike the rest of the largely single and failing to mingle Avengers team, Antman and Hawkeye really had families. And it truly is their responsibility to pay their dues even if they don’t agree with their sentence.


Doctor Strange’s visions

Doctor Strange really showed us what he’s made of during Infinity War. He made magical clones of himself. He saved his fellow heroes by opening portals and sending them to safer spaces away from the battle. And he withstood torture from the sinister Ebony Maw. If you remember his sly remark about potentially dying, he said “You will find breaking a dead man’s spell troublesome”. Meaning that Strange was willing to die to keep the time stone from getting into Thanos’ hands. But let’s not forget the most important ability of his, visions. Strange witnessed just over 14 million ways that the future could pan out. And when asked how many of them end with the Avengers wining he replied, “One.” So, what exactly was that supposed to mean? And why did he voluntarily give up the time stone to Thanos in exchange for Tony Stark’s (Ironman) life? Strange knew, that if he didn’t give up the stone right then, that they would all have died fighting Thanos in the end. So, he gave up his Infinity Stone. Even if it meant that half of the life in the universe would disappear. This way, at least half the Avengers would remain and stand a chance to potentially beat Thanos down the road.


What is wrong with the Hulk?

Right at the onset of the movie, The Hulk is duking it out with Thanos himself. Only to be saved by one of the Asgardians and transported back to earth so he can warn everyone. The Hulk crashes into Doctor Strange’s home and reverts back to Bruce Banner. But when push comes to shove during their first encounter with the Black Order, Bruce just cannot transform. In the words of Ironman, “You’re embarrassing me in front of the wizards.” Even later down the line in the battle at Wakanda, Bruce’s Hulk Buster Armor is getting torn apart. You would think that The Hulk would have showed up in a last-ditch attempt to save Bruce, but he does not. So, what’s going on? Well after Thor Ragnarok, the Hulk learns he is not the most powerful being out there. Losing to Thor put a damper on his mental state. And Thanos doesn’t even break a sweat while knocking out The Hulk in a matter of minutes. The Hulk is now officially scared. Scared of losing. Scared of not being the strongest. Scared that his sense of invulnerability has been taken away from him. And after watching Thor, you can see that the Hulk has feelings! He laughs, cries, has anxiety and feels sadness. This is not to say we won’t see The Hulk return. But it is going to take some character development in his next movie appearance for the communication between Bruce and his inner green demon to get on the same page. Now that is the inner conflict comic book fans want from the seemingly one-dimensional smasher of things.


What is up with the Infinity Gauntlet?

Did Thanos collect all six Infinity Stone? Yes. Did Thanos wipe out half of all life in the universe? Yes. Did Thanos survive a Stormbreaker to the chest? Yes. So why then is the Infinity Gauntlet seemingly fried at the end of the movie? It literally looks like a toaster caught on fire and might make rusty car exhaust noises if he tries to use it again. The Gauntlet is no more. It has harnessed the power of all six stones to serve its purpose. Doing such a thing (wiping out half of all life) costs a tremendous amount of power and causes a great deal of strain on the gauntlet. This renders it useless. Thanos can still use the stones, as he does escape using the Space Stone to transport away. He just can’t pull another move like that again. What does this mean? The Avengers now have a higher probability of facing Thanos without getting obliterated. There is still hope to save the universe. But can we bring everyone that disappeared back?


How does the Soul Stone work?

This is the probably the most perplexing of the unanswered questions. Thanos sacrifices his daughter Gamora in order to obtain the Soul Stone. This has to be done so whoever gets the stone, will understand the meaning of taking a soul. A soul for a soul. Thanos then takes half of all life by chance. Something he even mentions in the movie. That half of all life will be taken at random, painlessly. That taking lives in that manner is fair and gives mercy. But where did all of the lives taken disappear to? This is what’s up for debate. I will tell you that the Soul Stone, which houses another dimension known as the Soul World, had taken all the souls. The Soul Stone has that power. To take souls and trap them. Why else would everyone disappear by fading away? Couldn’t everyone have just dropped dead? They weren’t wiped away from existence. Because everyone left behind mourns the loss of their friends. This ladies and gentlemen, is the power of the Soul Stone. It’s up to the remaining Avengers and a new addition to the team to bring everyone back.


Post credits scene

Sure, you’re grieving the loss of T’challa, Spiderman, and poor wittle Groot at the end of the movie. But the ramifications of losing half of all life doesn’t really hit you until the post credits scene. Cars slide into sidewalks and helicopters go on autopilot sans the pilot, crashing into buildings. This is what happens when you take half of all living, working, operating, functioning, and contributing things from the universe without warning. Nick Fury gets out of his car to send out a last emergency message from a communication device before sadly, fading away himself. The com lays on the ground with a red and yellow insignia. This of course, represents Captain Marvel. Who is getting her debut movie come March of 2019. Just in time to build her character and get her ready to help save the universe in Avengers 4.


Avengers 4

Not only will Captain Marvel make a new addition to the Avengers team, but Antman and Hawkeye (assuming they weren’t taken along with rest of the souls Thanos wiped out) will be joining the fray. Thanos might still have the Infinity Stones, but he doesn’t have the power of the gauntlet anymore. Thor with his new and improved Stormbreaker hammer will play an important role in taking on the Mad Titan. Bruce Banner has no choice but to sink or swim for the sake of the Universe. And Wakanda, is now in the hands of fierce femme fatales. Shuri (T’challa’s sister) and the Dora Milaje headed by Okoye will lead the African Nation and orchestrate its role in the continuing war with Thanos. How does that sound for cast and crew? Avengers 4 has a tentative release date of May 2019. I hope you’re ready for the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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