Every super power in Deadpool 2

So, you want to watch Deadpool 2. Chances are you’re either a die-hard Deadpool fan or someone who never cared for the Merc with a mouth until 2016’s smash hit movie. Either way, you should know where Deadpool 2 fits in the X-men’s film series/cinematic universe. But to really appreciate that, you have to know all the comic book heroes and anti-heroes that will be featured in Deadpool 2. You see Deadpool 2’s M.O. is to set up the X-Force. A group of mutants lead by Cable. Before Disney’s big acquisition of Fox (and Comcast’s cash bid on Sky Net), Fox had plans to expand its own Cinematic Universe. The best way to make more movies? Make more characters. I can hear Deadpool now. “Yeah, nobody cared about X-Force. Not until me that is. The movie studios are totally using my brand to sell more movies. Let’s just hope they’re good movies.” Without further ado, let’s breakdown all the new super heroes in Deadpool 2 and their powers.



Oh Deadpool. You came and you gave without taking. How does the rest of that song go? I forget. But X-Force and CABLE would be nowhere (in film) without Wade Wilson. In case you forgot, Wade Wilson was suffering from cancer. His last chance at life was to join an experimental subset of the weapon X program (Wolverine anyone?). The program aimed at giving Wade powers like Wolverine’s healing factor. This ended up accelerating his cancer, leaving him looking like, “Freddy Kreuger face ###### a topographical map of Utah”. And that quote is straight from the movie. Because of this, Wade was deemed a failed experiment to be killed with the rest. Wade not only survives but gets the coolest super hero name in all of comics. The Sister Margaret dive bar frequented by regulars who loved getting into fights had an actual dead pool. Everyone would wager on who would be the next to die. After learning his healing factor provided him with near invulnerability, Wade realized his death would never win the dead pool. Pretty cool right? On top of his accelerated healing factor Deadpool is a master assassin trained in martial arts, firearms, and his special signature katanas.



Nathan Summers was born to Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey. I won’t get too much into Nathan’s backstory because doing so would require a novel of information. But let’s just say that Apocalypse attempts to steal baby Nathan in order to groom him to be the next vessel for his soul. Due to his powers, Nathan is a great candidate. Apocalypse infects Nathan with a techno-organic virus that only Apocalypse can cure. But Cyclops, reunited with the original Jean Grey travel into the future to a time which had a cure. Nathan survives the techno-organic infection but must learn to fight its spread for the rest of his life. This virus gave Nathan techno-organic body parts including his left arm and eye. The bionic arm gives Nathan super strength and the cybernetic eye gives him enhanced sight as well as a laser. To keep the techno-organic virus from spreading, Nathan uses his telekinetic abilities. This includes being able to manipulate objects with his mind as well as creating protective force fields. Nathan is also a telepath. This means he can communicate through extrasensory perception and even mind control others. On top of this, Nathan’s biggest power is his ability to travel through time. It is when Nathan decides to go back in time to defeat Apocalypse that he takes the name Cable. The team he takes back in time with him is none other than the X-Force. Did I mention Josh Brolin (who plays Cable, and Thanos) signed a four movie deal? That means that after Deadpool 2 there will be three more movies with Cable! See. I told you the whole point of X-Force is to milk another X-Men franchise.



Neena Thurman was part of a- wait for it. Super-secret government program called Project Armageddon. Whose goal was to create the perfect solider. Neena was one of the few test subjects to survive. Although she was lucky, she was considered a failure of the program. Neena’s mother saved her from being exterminated and leaves her in the care of the Church of the Sacred Heart in Chicago. Upon growing up she became a freelance mercenary. Thus, the alias Domino. Domino’s success had much to do with her luck. You see, Domino’s mutant powers give her the ability to psionically and subconsciously trigger random telekinetic acts that affect probability in her favor. Wait what? Let’s try that again. Domino makes improbable (but not impossible) things occur within her line of sight. This gives her good luck while blessing her enemies with bad luck. To elaborate, Domino can be the only one to survive an explosion. Her enemy’s weapon can malfunction mid combat. Domino can also get lucky and guess the right password to a highly secure hostile base on the first try. But, can she win the lottery? That is the real question. Domino’s appearance is that of pale skin with a dark spot over her left eye. You can definitely tell she is a mutant on the outside. On top of this, Domino is skilled in firearms and explosives as well as hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. Her mercenary prowess along with her good luck make her a force to be reckoned with. Who knew good luck could be a super power?



Jesse Aaronson was orphaned at the age of 5 after his parents died in a car accident. Jesse shuffled through foster homes until a doctor noticed his unique abilities and began performing experiments on him in order to write a book. Jesse is saved however, by the Mutant Underground Support Engine or M.U.S.E. A group that rescued mutants and trained them as field agents. I’m not exactly sure how Jesse got the code name Bedlam, but let’s refer to him as such from here on out. So, Bedlam ends up partnering with Domino in order to track his brother and learn about the death of his parents. This is what ultimately leads to his involvement with the X-Force. Bedlam has the power to generate a bio electromagnetic field. This disrupts mechanical and electrical systems. Bedlam is like a walking EMP (Call of Duty anyone?). And depending on what comics you read, Bedlam can scan an environment for energy signatures and even scramble other people’s brains as well as electronic devices.



Shatterstar has to be one the coolest looking mutants I have ever stumbled upon. In the current Marvel Legacy Cable series (2018), Shatterstar works with Cable to, be super badass. He was born Gaveedra-Seven on the planet Mojoworld about a century into the future. Time is all relative at this point in the X-Men cinematic universe so let’s just roll with the punches here. Shatterstar has no parents. Instead he was born in a gestation chamber where he was genetically engineered to be a gladiator and fight his way through the arenas of Mojoworld. As part of a plot to overthrow the alien tyrant Mojo, Shatterstar went back in time to find the X-Men. He instead came across Cable and Domino who greet him with a fight. They realize that they’re all somewhat renegades with a cause that can work together and Shatterstar joins the X-Force. In a crazy twist of plots, Shatterstar is revealed to have DNA of another mutant, Longshot. But his true origin still lacks enough details to fully discern. Anyway, what can Shatterstar do? Due to his genetic engineering, he has a superhuman level of physical and mental state. He also has hollow bones, which in the real world would be more of liability. But this is comics, so his hollow bones make him lighter which boosts his athletic and acrobat skills. Somehow. And Shatterstar lacks white blood cells. Marvel nerds please chime in and explain how this benefits him because I cannot. On top of his physical prowess Shatterstar is a master swordsman, martial artist, and is adept at learning languages and skills. Shatterstar can even regenerate destroyed tissue. Maybe not at the Deadpool rate but still way above the average human. Slashes and stab wounds will heal within hours.



When Axel Cluney hit puberty, he noticed some weird things going on with his body. Just like the rest of us. But with him, the timing could not have been worse. Or for the writers of Deadpool 2, better. You ready for this? While in high school, Axel is making out with a pretty girl on the beach. Intoxicated. And it’s only natural to expect Axel to throw up all over his partner’s face, right? Well maybe if it wasn’t for the fact that Axel’s vomit is highly acidic. I mean Axel, who we’ll just refer to as Zeitgeist, has acidic vomit than can burn through 10 cm of steel in less than 30 seconds. To be honest, there isn’t much else to know about this character. And I have a strong feeling that Zeitgeist’s role in Deadpool will involve bodily fluids finding their way into the worst (I mean funniest) possible nooks and crannies.



Ah. No Uncanny alliance of anti-heroes would be complete without their very own Peter. Who is Peter? We do not know. But if you watch the Deadpool trailer, you’ll see Peter show up. When asked what his super power is, Peter replies with “I don’t have one. I just saw the ad”. And just like that, Peter is on the team. He can be seen freefalling through the sky in a clearly important mission in which he is most crucial to its success.



Rusty Collins, known as Firefist, has the power of pyrokinesis. He can manipulate and generate fire at his will. He at one point becomes brain washed but is saved by Cable. From the clutches of Apocalypse who I doubt will make an appearance in this movie. So, I figure that something along those lines will act as the plot base for Deadpool 2. Even Deadpool himself outlines his plan to save a kid (Firefist), in the Deadpool 2 trailer. However, Deadpool needs help to save Firefist so that is where X-Force comes into play. Let’s not forget retuning fan favorites from Deadpool 1. Negasonic Teenage Warhead whose powers in the movie don’t really match up with her comic book abilities, somewhat. And Colossus. The mutant who can transform his entire body into organic steel and speak fluent Russian accent. What can we expect from Deadpool 2? I’d say time travel, fire, explosions, weaponized bodily secretions, sword fights, fist fights, and Peter. Did I forget the most powerful ability of all? Deadpool can break the 4th wall. That’s right. He knows he is in a Cinematic Universe and will make fun of DC comics! He already does so in the trailer. You can enjoy Deadpool 2 and all of its glory (or infamy) May 18th 2018.

Avengers: Infinity War, an Event of Epic Proportions!

I clearly remember the day Netflix came into the world. I even vividly recall where I was when Obama became the first African American president. Now, I’ll never forget the time I watched Avengers: Infinity War.

There are a few moments that can be labelled as “unforgettable” and Avengers: Infinity War is easily one of those moments. Before we begin, heavy spoilers are in effect, although this entry is mainly what the title suggests…what made Infinity War an event of EPIC proportions and the feelings leading up to and after this momentous occasion…that said, you have been forewarned.

As I scroll through my Facebook feed, Instagram Stories and SnapChats, the underlining reaction remains the same about Avengers: Infinity War – the movie left people in shock and many never saw it coming (so long as you weren’t spoiled). However, to really understand what made this movie so great, we have to go back to the beginning.

Infinity War: Did it Begin 6 Years Ago? Or 26 Years Ago?

Two weeks prior to the movie’s release, I tried to get tickets for a preview screening from iHeart Radio. The only problem was for some reason Disney doesn’t do Marvel movie previews in Hawaii. Don’t ask, because I’m not sure why.

Upon finding out there was no preview event, I decided to continue with the best course of action – purchasing tickets in advance. Fortunately or unfortunately, there were 6 in our group and we split up into pairs.

I made sure to get the earliest screening possible at 7 pm on Thursday to grab any seats available.

This would hopefully retain the freshness factor of seeing the movie without ruining the overall storyline.

-26 Years Ago-

In 1992, we were blessed with the release of the Infinity Gauntlet comic book series and the famous phrase, “Thanos is COMING!” by Silver Surfer.

We’ve Been Here Before – Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet

I read the Infinity Gauntlet comic book series when I was in high school. It was a series I put my hard earned money from my parents to buy and although as a kid I didn’t particularly enjoy reading, I read through this series faster than any Harry Potter book.

The moment from the infamous snap, to Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer plotting with Dr.Strange to snatch the gauntlet. Those memories were all there.

That was the first time I heard his name.

-6 Years Ago-

The second appearance of Thanos was in the MCU and it came to my attention May 4, 2012.

You see, we know how this begins and how it ends. The route Marvel chooses to take is left up to Anthony & Joe Russo, directors of the untitled Avengers 4 movie.

If you can imagine, I have been waiting nearly 26 years of my life for this moment. So I bring you back to…

-Thursday Night @ 7 PM HST (Release Night)-

It is packed AF and there are lines everywhere for food, for tickets, for Fandango redemption and even to get seats. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, I literally allowed my office to work from home because of this event. The adrenaline swells and a moment that myself and millions of others have been waiting for, for 6 years (myself for 26) has finally arrived.

-2 hours and 40 minutes later-

Speechless and slightly in tears. The movie was “incredible”, “unforgettable” and delivered on so many levels. It was hard to contain the discussion shortly following the movie not realizing that people after us have yet to see the movie…that’s why you go to the first showing people!

However, I really have to remember that when seeing a MOVIE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS, that it is best to contain all the spoilers and not talk about people dying as the proceeding screening enters their theatres.

-Friday Night (Watching Avengers: Infinity War Again)-

The second time around, I was more emotionally and mentally prepared. An additional benefit to watching the movie a second time is you get to focus on scenes you may have missed while wiping your teary eyes.

Not only that, you get to see everyone else’s reactions as if going back in time to when you were in their seat experiencing it for the very first time. After all was said and done, Avengers: Infinity War clocked in at $257,698,183 (according to Box Office Mojo) the end of its opening weekend holding the record for the biggest opening weekend of all-time narrowly beating Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Source:  Box Office Mojo

What Happens Next?

You theory craft, watch bloopers and interviews, anything you can get your hands on in order to keep connecting and stay out of the void that was left behind.

Don’t get me wrong.   The movie was great and the ending unbelievable.  However, as most Marvel fans can attest, the movie left a gaping hole with reactions such as:

From here, we gain the satisfaction of Avengers: Infinity War breaking box office numbers and doing our best to relive the moments through articles, interviews with the cast and old comic books at every corner.

In the end, what really makes Avengers: Infinity War an event of epic proportions is what it meant to so many people.  It brought back the excitement of wanting to stand in line to watch a movie.  An event touted as the largest crossover event with the weaving of 15+ heroes (and different storylines) coming together to face one overwhelming foe and to everyone’s surprise, they lost and then people died.

The moment when we get closer to the next phase in the MCU (only 2 films remain until the next Avengers movie and perhaps the final) and ending of Phase 3.

Therein bes the question, where will you be on May 2019?


Avengers Infinity War Explained

Time to process

Now that you’ve had a few days to process what just happened… Let’s go over what just happened. Not only did half of our favorite super heroes disappear, but many questions were left unanswered. Even if certain loose ends were tied up during the movie, there is a good chance you may have missed their explanations. Here I will break down several key things that you might not even know you missed or have been pondering this whole time.


Where are Antman and Hawkeye?

Sure, Black Widow gives a brief explanation as to Scott Lang’s (Antman) and Clint Barton’s (Hawkeye) whereabouts. But most of us were just trying to keep up with the pace of the movie. We had just been introduced to Captain America who last we knew was a fugitive (Civil War) along with his whole team of underground vigilantes. This would include Black Widow and Falcon. I don’t know about you, but I was still trying to think about where they had been and how they knew to find Scarlet Witch and Vision. To summarize, Antman had taken a plea deal. He had a daughter remember? In order to stay with his daughter, he agreed to be put on house arrest. Ankle monitor and everything. Hawkeye on the other had had two children and an expecting wife. They have a home tucked away on a farm (Age of Ultron) somewhere where Hawkeye does his duty and obeys the law. Under house arrest that is. Before you start asking why they don’t just break free, well remember that unlike the rest of the largely single and failing to mingle Avengers team, Antman and Hawkeye really had families. And it truly is their responsibility to pay their dues even if they don’t agree with their sentence.


Doctor Strange’s visions

Doctor Strange really showed us what he’s made of during Infinity War. He made magical clones of himself. He saved his fellow heroes by opening portals and sending them to safer spaces away from the battle. And he withstood torture from the sinister Ebony Maw. If you remember his sly remark about potentially dying, he said “You will find breaking a dead man’s spell troublesome”. Meaning that Strange was willing to die to keep the time stone from getting into Thanos’ hands. But let’s not forget the most important ability of his, visions. Strange witnessed just over 14 million ways that the future could pan out. And when asked how many of them end with the Avengers wining he replied, “One.” So, what exactly was that supposed to mean? And why did he voluntarily give up the time stone to Thanos in exchange for Tony Stark’s (Ironman) life? Strange knew, that if he didn’t give up the stone right then, that they would all have died fighting Thanos in the end. So, he gave up his Infinity Stone. Even if it meant that half of the life in the universe would disappear. This way, at least half the Avengers would remain and stand a chance to potentially beat Thanos down the road.


What is wrong with the Hulk?

Right at the onset of the movie, The Hulk is duking it out with Thanos himself. Only to be saved by one of the Asgardians and transported back to earth so he can warn everyone. The Hulk crashes into Doctor Strange’s home and reverts back to Bruce Banner. But when push comes to shove during their first encounter with the Black Order, Bruce just cannot transform. In the words of Ironman, “You’re embarrassing me in front of the wizards.” Even later down the line in the battle at Wakanda, Bruce’s Hulk Buster Armor is getting torn apart. You would think that The Hulk would have showed up in a last-ditch attempt to save Bruce, but he does not. So, what’s going on? Well after Thor Ragnarok, the Hulk learns he is not the most powerful being out there. Losing to Thor put a damper on his mental state. And Thanos doesn’t even break a sweat while knocking out The Hulk in a matter of minutes. The Hulk is now officially scared. Scared of losing. Scared of not being the strongest. Scared that his sense of invulnerability has been taken away from him. And after watching Thor, you can see that the Hulk has feelings! He laughs, cries, has anxiety and feels sadness. This is not to say we won’t see The Hulk return. But it is going to take some character development in his next movie appearance for the communication between Bruce and his inner green demon to get on the same page. Now that is the inner conflict comic book fans want from the seemingly one-dimensional smasher of things.


What is up with the Infinity Gauntlet?

Did Thanos collect all six Infinity Stone? Yes. Did Thanos wipe out half of all life in the universe? Yes. Did Thanos survive a Stormbreaker to the chest? Yes. So why then is the Infinity Gauntlet seemingly fried at the end of the movie? It literally looks like a toaster caught on fire and might make rusty car exhaust noises if he tries to use it again. The Gauntlet is no more. It has harnessed the power of all six stones to serve its purpose. Doing such a thing (wiping out half of all life) costs a tremendous amount of power and causes a great deal of strain on the gauntlet. This renders it useless. Thanos can still use the stones, as he does escape using the Space Stone to transport away. He just can’t pull another move like that again. What does this mean? The Avengers now have a higher probability of facing Thanos without getting obliterated. There is still hope to save the universe. But can we bring everyone that disappeared back?


How does the Soul Stone work?

This is the probably the most perplexing of the unanswered questions. Thanos sacrifices his daughter Gamora in order to obtain the Soul Stone. This has to be done so whoever gets the stone, will understand the meaning of taking a soul. A soul for a soul. Thanos then takes half of all life by chance. Something he even mentions in the movie. That half of all life will be taken at random, painlessly. That taking lives in that manner is fair and gives mercy. But where did all of the lives taken disappear to? This is what’s up for debate. I will tell you that the Soul Stone, which houses another dimension known as the Soul World, had taken all the souls. The Soul Stone has that power. To take souls and trap them. Why else would everyone disappear by fading away? Couldn’t everyone have just dropped dead? They weren’t wiped away from existence. Because everyone left behind mourns the loss of their friends. This ladies and gentlemen, is the power of the Soul Stone. It’s up to the remaining Avengers and a new addition to the team to bring everyone back.


Post credits scene

Sure, you’re grieving the loss of T’challa, Spiderman, and poor wittle Groot at the end of the movie. But the ramifications of losing half of all life doesn’t really hit you until the post credits scene. Cars slide into sidewalks and helicopters go on autopilot sans the pilot, crashing into buildings. This is what happens when you take half of all living, working, operating, functioning, and contributing things from the universe without warning. Nick Fury gets out of his car to send out a last emergency message from a communication device before sadly, fading away himself. The com lays on the ground with a red and yellow insignia. This of course, represents Captain Marvel. Who is getting her debut movie come March of 2019. Just in time to build her character and get her ready to help save the universe in Avengers 4.


Avengers 4

Not only will Captain Marvel make a new addition to the Avengers team, but Antman and Hawkeye (assuming they weren’t taken along with rest of the souls Thanos wiped out) will be joining the fray. Thanos might still have the Infinity Stones, but he doesn’t have the power of the gauntlet anymore. Thor with his new and improved Stormbreaker hammer will play an important role in taking on the Mad Titan. Bruce Banner has no choice but to sink or swim for the sake of the Universe. And Wakanda, is now in the hands of fierce femme fatales. Shuri (T’challa’s sister) and the Dora Milaje headed by Okoye will lead the African Nation and orchestrate its role in the continuing war with Thanos. How does that sound for cast and crew? Avengers 4 has a tentative release date of May 2019. I hope you’re ready for the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.