Westworld Season 2

Westworld is back and there is nothing that our human bodies with all our flaws, despite trying to create the work of God, can do to stop it. I hope you’re ready because things are going to change forever and as the show ever so eloquently asks “Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality”?  Here 5 things that we already know about the new season of Westworld.

1. Robert Ford is Human

Robert Ford played by Anthony Hopkin will not be returning to the season, probably. Let me clarify, his character is dead and one of the big themes in the show is pointing out the biggest flaw of humanity, hubris, which drove us to create a world of sentient synthetic beings in the first place. So that probably means Ford will not be the main character in season 2, I mean the poor man was shot in the head for goodness sake. It would be weird even for Westworld to have him somehow survive that.  However, that does not mean he can’t make a cameo appearance in one of the episodes in a flashback or a previous recording.

2. I Am Samurai Jack

The series will be expanding outside to the different theme parks. Over a year ago it was revealed that viewers would get to see a new park called Shogun World. In a recent trailer that just came out, we actually see samurai wearing full armor that matches with Feudal-era Japan. Now what role they will play in this new season we cannot say, but we are very excited to find out.

3. I Robot 2.0

Dolores Abernathy, our favorite murderous host rebel is finally taking control of Westworld with extreme force. From the small bits of scenes in each trailer, we can only assume that she intends to kill anyone that stands in her way. In the first season, we already learn that she is capable of more than what she was programmed to do. She can lie or at least hide the truth and she can kill (RIP little mosquito) and we will get to explore more what lengths she will go to in order to win her freedom and possibly take over becoming the rulers of Earth; Terminator anyone?

4. Robots Get Sick

Did anyone else freak out when we found out that Jason Wright’s character Bernard Lowe was actually a host the entire time working for Ford?! I mean even M. Night Shyamalan has to be impressed by that right? In season 2, Bernard will be having “health issues” in a sense.  In an interview with Deadline Jason Wright talks about how his character will have to deal with the fact that he is not human and that his robotic brethren are starting to rebel.  So his mindset and maybe even his allegiance are both a subject of importance going forward, as it could be that what he decides to do can vastly change everything. Realizing that you are a created robot and not a human has got to be polarizing at the least.

5. Here Come the MiB

The last thing we do know is that Ed Harris, the mysterious Man in Black will be returning in both his old and younger self-played by Jimmi Simpson.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, it was revealed that our notorious gunslinger is alive and well and fans will get to see the younger days of the theme park and how he was able to garner so much influence over the DeLos company. This also means we’ll probably get to learn a little about his past and how he came to be the man in black.

There’s a lot of unanswered question that will be addressed in the episodes to come, but as of right now which answers will come out, we’ll just have to wait and find out. The season airs on HBO on Sunday, April 22nd. What are you most excited to find out?

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