God of War is back with a new Pantheon to explore

God of War is back

Kratos, the Greek God of War was last seen stabbing himself with the Blade of Olympus after beating his father Zeus to a bloody pulp. With the Greek pantheon of Gods gone the oceans were violent, the sky was dark, and all matter of humanity was doomed. There are indeed consequences to killing a god let alone many gods. So ,with all the Greek Gods gone, what is there left for Kratos to do? Well now he is in a new realm and it is that of the Norse Gods.


What we don’t know

Kratos must have attended weekly therapy sessions because he is a much more tranquil demi-god now. He even has enough patience to guide his son. That’s right, Kratos has a boy. We do not know much about the mother of his child as she is never referred to as Kratos’ wife or girlfriend. Was she a one-night stand? Anyone remember those fun NSWF mini games? It would appear Kratos left that part of his life behind as well. Is Kratos on a Norse God killing spree? No. This is proven when Kratos prohibits the mere act of killing of God to his son. Kratos is heard saying “No, there are consequences to killing a God” to his son in the new video game trailer. So why is Kratos no longer filled with rage? What caused him to have a kid? How did he find his way to this new realm? And how does this fit into the greater God of War mythos? We do not know.


What we do know

According to the video game trailer, the story starts when the mother of Kratos’ child dies. Her last wish was for her ashes to be scattered at the highest peak in the realms. Thus, begins a journey through this new land that Kratos would have seemingly otherwise avoided by keeping to himself. But who wants to play a game about Kratos chilling at a cabin in the mountains? Anyway, this journey takes Kratos to various places where he meets Norse characters. This includes individuals whose help he needs, blue creatures taking notice of Kratos new weapon and how Kratos must handle it carefully, and the discovery of his past. It would appear that something about Kratos gives a “Godly” vibe. “You are a God. Maybe not of this realm but a God none the less” as spoken in the video game trailer. The bigger secret however is the fact that Kratos hides this from his son. His son then falls ill with no ordinary illness. It is tied to his true nature. The nature of being son to a demi-God. But what does this mean? How does this play out in the game? This is more we do not know. But if you pour over all of the behind scenes videos and interviews with Santa Monica Studios (which we did for you) then you’ll happily learn the following.



Kratos no longer wields his signature Blades of Chaos. He now swings a large axe with Norse runes and inscriptions. This axe comes back to Kratos after being thrown and or lodged deep into the flesh of an unfortunate enemy. His son also plays an important role. You don’t have to worry about babysitting as Kratos’ son Atreus actually helps in battle. You can call on him for help and he will fire arrows or distract enemies. Magic is another unknown, but you can bet on magical abilities more align with Norse Mythology. The camera itself follows Kratos closely now. Instead of being a 3rd person view fixed at an angle, the camera follows Kratos closely as he walks around. This creates a more intimate over the shoulder view. How does this affect gameplay though? From the one of many trailers, Kratos will literally swing his axe. This requires him to get up close and personal with his enemy instead of safely swinging the Blades of Chaos from a distance (what I’m used to). But we can still dodge roll, right? Yes. According to the trailer. Albeit small Kratos did indeed dodge roll.


Norse Mythos

You can read up on how Norse Mythology fits into God of War by exploring the Lost Pages on the PlayStation Blog. No literally, there is a section on the God of War page where you can read the Lost Pages. This interactive story book details creatures, weapons, and history of the Norse Lands. Complete with videos and everything.


Ready to Play

Get ready for the Kratos’ return and pre-order the God of War limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro. If you’re like me and only own a regular PlayStation 4, this is the best time to upgrade. Especially if you are a God of War fan because the PlayStation has God of War Axe details on the top of the console and insignias on the controller. You can also get a special edition God of War which comes with a statue, steel book case, a CLOTH MAP, and bunch of digital goodies. Is it worth $129.99? We’ll let you decide. God of War releases in the U.S. April 20th, 2018.

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