Get up to Speed on Everything Leading up to The Punisher on Netflix!

The Hype

Chances are you have seen a trailer for Marvel’s latest TV show The Punisher. Guns, fists, and screams to the tune of Mettalica is enough to get anyone excited for this series. It didn’t start out with just this show, however. Here is a quick breakdown of Daredevil and how The Punisher came to be.


Matt Murdock went the entire first season of Daredevil without the red and black horned body suit his crime-fighting alias is known for from the beloved Daredevil comic book series by Marvel. There were a good 12 episodes of anticipation as Matt Murdock ran up walls, performed high jump kicks off of police cars, and doled out vigilante justice with nothing but a rag from his dirty laundry to hide his face. Wilson Fisk, the underground kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t afraid to show his own face however and come out of the shadows. Bringing down a hailstorm of negative press on our protagonist who in the end had to rely on the power of the law to take down the Kingpin and all those in his pocket. By the time Daredevil put on the horns, there were only 2 episodes left of season one. Fast Forward to the beginning of season 2 and Frank Castle aka The Punisher made his debut appearance and shot Daredevil in the head, right between the horns. So if you’d like to skip ahead to the part where Frank Castle shows himself, start at Daredevil season 2.

First Appearance

Now Frank Castle was no ordinary man with a mere philosophy to operate above and outside the law. He was a former marine who had expert skill in wielding military-grade firepower. By taking out 3 different factions of gangs with enough bullets to outfit a small platoon, it was hard to believe one man could be capable of such feats. The Punisher as he was dubbed by the District Attorney herself, was on a mission to avenge the death of his family who was gunned down in Central Park while caught in the middle of a gang shootout.

Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal was born to play this role. You may remember him as Shane Walsh from the Walking Dead. Where he sacrificed other survivors and left them as bait for zombies so he could live to fight another day. Or you might recall his brief albeit shirtless role as Brad, the quaalude dealing money smuggling muscle in the Wolf on Wall Street. Yet none of these roles gave Jon Bernthal the spotlight he deserved. Or in this case, the gritty bruised up shadow.

Brand new Netflix series

To give you an idea of just how bad ass The Punisher really is, he chained up Daredevil on a rooftop after escaping a chase by a swat team. Making it very clear to Daredevil that if he really wanted to, he would have killed him. But even this role, lasting an entire season, reached its conclusion. The Irish mob managed to capture Frank Castle and figure the whereabouts of a van with their stolen money. This was accomplished of course by drilling a hole into Frank Castle’s left foot. This did not break him because The Punisher, can take some serious punishment. The Irish mob had to resort to holding Frank’s pet Pitbull hostage. Who knew The Punisher had a soft spot for pups.

The fans have spoken and The Punisher truly earned his own show on streaming goliath Netflix. After a bumpy series of events, Frank Castle pleads guilty to multiple homicides and get’s himself thrown in high-security prison. But his reign in the Marvel TV universe did not end there. He breaks out of prison with the help of none other than Wilson Fisk. Once on the outside, he takes up the mantle of The Punisher. Comic book fans can rest assured knowing that Frank Castle does indeed spray paint the iconic Punisher Skull on his body armor. An X-ray of his skull with a bullet wound would become the inspiration for this symbol. So if you cannot wait to dive into the dark fast paced world of Marvel’s latest vigilante TV show, you will at least be up to speed on the basics. And now my fellow metahumans, you are ready to begin enjoying The Punisher on Netflix.

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