Set your outfit to stun with Think Geek’s new Darth Vader Blazer

You have a party to attend. And you want to make a statement. But how do you stand out in today’s world of fashion? Well the geek have inherited the earth and will begin orchestrating our plan for world domination one blazer at a time. I present to you the Darth Vader Blazer from our friends over at Think Geek. Darth Vader chest panel buttons embroidered on the left breast, inner lining reminiscent of the Death Star’s interior decoration, and imperial crest buttons make it all too clear that you are in charge. Did I mention this is an officially licensed Star Wars product? But what to wear with it? A solid color dress shirt would work great. Paired with neutral (black, grey, or navy if you know what you’re doing) chinos or dark jeans for a more casual semi-formal look. Either way you will become a well curated Don of the Galaxy. If you’re more of an adventurous fashionista type try a dress shirt with slight patterns that stay in line the chest panel embroidery colors and wear black patent dress shoes for a very powerful look. From us here at Meta Human Entertainment, stay classy and keep the Meta Movement strong.


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