Rick and Morty – A LOT to be Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving Meta-Humans!  Mr. Poopybutthole has a surprise for you and so does Adult Swim!

Adult Swim released a short video Thanksgiving showcasing Mr.Poopybutthole’s life with (what seems to be) his wife. They show this in a series of photos in an album called “Poop in my Pants.”

The album recants memories that actually happened in Rick and Morty with a lot of the photos swapped out with Mr.Poopybutthole and his wife.  The neat part is, is that it looks like Mr.Poopybutthole is actually continuing from where we left him in Season 2.

There are a ton of Easter Eggs in the video and the video itself is extremely heartfelt.  Truly a treat for Rick and Morty fans.  However, we’ll leave it to you to find them and see if our lists match up.

A favorite reference in the photo album is the Mrs.Poopybutthole’s photo mimicking Beyonce’s first pregnancy pose.  Below is a side-by-side comparison.

Upon this trailer’s release, fans on Reddit eluded to the fact that a potential Christmas Special may air.  That we cannot confirm or deny, but we’d be happy if there was one!

Watch the trailer and relive the moments of the show (and a little extra) through Mr. Poopybutthole eyes.

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